Thursday, June 6, 2013

Guess where?

Hey!  I'm back.  I know, I know.. I didn't even tell you that I was going somewhere.  Oh, let's play a little game, shall we?

Not that this will be too hard.

Let's see.. mountains..

snow (in May)

Crystal blue water..

Is that a cruise ship down there?

Oh my.  I think that's a Glacier..

Another view of a Glacier..

Are you getting it yet?  Sure you are.

It is Alaska.  Glacier Bay in Alaska.

So, why did we up and decide to go to Alaska?

Actually, both Will and I were willing to go anywhere, as long as we could be together and away from our busy lives.
So, why not Alaska? It's some place that appealed to both of us.

 Glaciers from the eye level (taken from the ship)

And the price was right.  Really right.

The timing.. it was crammed in between many activities and guests before and after the trip.

But it was a honeymoon for us.  A 22 year honeymoon.   Who goes to Alaska for their 22nd anniversary?  We do.
Why? Because it is there.  And we can.  So, we do.  or did, rather.
Crusing is not as expensive as you might think, especially if you just take the same cruise line over and over and over.  They send out emails when the prices go down, and we picked the cheapest one and went.
It's not really that complicated.  The good part about this is that no one on the cruise knows that you are a tightwad.  You eat the same food and get the same service as those who pay a lot more.

Except if you tell them.  Or they read the blog.  So, yeah.  It's like..... everybody.
So, are you catching what is going on in these photos?
You may need to scroll up and revisit the photos after you read this dumb text.

It's this cool thing called "Calving".  If you are from farm country, that generally happens when a mama cow gives birth to a baby cow.
It's the same with a glacier.  The mama glacier gives birth to a baby glacier.  Random parts of it just start exploding off the sides.  The action is first predicated by a thunderous sound.
And all of a sudden... what looked like an owl or a horse's head is now plopped off into the water with a mighty splash.
As we were viewing these objects, I had a running commentary going for anyone in my range.
I thought I saw a :trojan horse, the statue of liberty, and spires of the Air Force Academy chapel.  Or maybe those were just praying hands?
Not sure.  But then, poof!  They are gone.  It's like this massive snow thing is alive.  It's always changing shape and growing and changing.
And when the water is stirred up, it looks kind of grey and muddy.
And there's a bunch of floating snow and mountain sludge until it settles.
And then it starts to look blue again.  You can tell from this aerial photo how the water colors change based on where they are in relation to the glacier.

 It was truly beautiful!


Virginia Parlato said...

Rick and I have Alaska on our bucket list! So glad you were able to get away and enjoy such breathtaking beauty!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh Jena, so gorgeous and so much fun! And what a time of year to go with the looooong hours of daylight!

And you must've been so close! Did you sail from Seattle or Vancouver? Wish I'd known - we're halfway between.

So glad you got away with your sweetie :D


Mrs. Santos said...

Wonderful! Happy Anniversary. We are hoping to go to Alaska in August.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Looks gorgeous! Glad you could go!