Friday, July 12, 2013

The Lord is a shield

When Will and I were first getting to know each other, we often spent time with an 80 year old couple. And one of their favorite pieces of Scripture was Psalm 84.  I can hardly turn there without it bringing back memories of Jim and Mamie Watson and their little cottage on the lake.

Today I was back there again, and this phrase really jutted out at me. "for the Lord God is a sun and a shield" v. 11

I'm always eager about the sun part.  I'm the type who loves a sunny day.  So, when the clouds are out, I need God to shine a little brighter that day.  But today, the sun has been there, literally and figuratively in my life--in so many ways.

But the shield of protection isn't something that has struck me until recently.

Have you ever just wanted to do something.. which, in your mind.. just makes sense to do??

And on paper, it all looks good.  The boxes are checked.  The requirements have been met.  And for whatever reason, God is just saying "no"...

He could be saying "no" because of a lack of configuration of circumstances or perhaps it was just an inner unrest in the soul..  but it is a lack of "yes" without an explanation as to why it is a "no"..

Well, this happens to me occasionally.  And I know it happens to you too.  No one gets everything she wants.  Not even you.  Not even me.

So, what's to be done about this?

Do we force it to happen?   You know, God.. I can do this.. without you..  (rebellion)

Do whine until it happens?  You never give me anything good.  (self-pity)

Do I get sullen and angry?  God is good to some people... not me. (anger/ depression)

Or can we rest in God's protection?

The Lord himself is our shield of protection.  He always acts on behalf of our good.  Not that it is all about us; it isn't.  But just because it isn't about us doesn't mean that he isn't infinitely concerned about the little details of our lives.  He is present and involved in everything.  And when a child of his is heading the wrong way, he cares enough to step in and say "no".

And if I were to honestly look back at the 24 years that I have been walking with the Lord, I can say that never ONCE has HE made a bad decision on my behalf, especially when it came in the form of "no"..

He is good.  He is a shield.  A loving, good shield, my friends.  


Mrs. Parunak said...

What a great post! Really, really encouraging!

Ruby said...

Yes, it is always encouraging to read of the LORDs protection of his people. It reminds me of the many times he has shielded me. He is our refuge and strength, a ver present help in time of trouble.

The dB family said...

Such true words! What a great post!


Anonymous said...

Amen, Jena! Beautifully said, and I agree 100%. I miss Jim and Mamie, don't you? Great mentors for Alan and me as well. I still remember Mamie's warbly little voice and smile! :)

mare ball said...

So true. We are so short-sighted and impatient, aren't we? God is good ALL THE TIME. We just forget that!