Thursday, January 23, 2014

To write or not to write..

I pulled out my ironing board today.

I set it up and lined up the shirts with their hangers.  The water was set in the machine.  The spray starch laid out.

And I pulled out a men's plaid, flannel shirt  and pressed and steamed the collar and neckline.

My mother ironed my dad's flannel shirts.  For years, I teased her about it.

Mom!  Why?  He's just going to wear it into the woods.  Do the deer care?  Really?

And she would just calmly respond, "I just want your Dad to look nice."

or sometimes she would say, "Daddy is so handsome.  Why not have his shirt look nice?"

And I continued to iron.  I pictured my husband in his rust, turquoise and beige flannel shirt looking handsome in his freshly pressed shirt.  His little shock of reddish grey hair with the little "devil horns" poking out of the sides of his head--all cute-like.  He'll be putzing around here with a wrench in his hand, fixing something soon enough.  After all, the dryer is broken again.  And I'll just sit back and beam and how proud I am of him.  Yes, he's handsome--pressed shirt or not.  Yes, he's handy--which saves us money.  But most importantly, he's mine.  And I'm thankful.

I thank the Lord for my Mother who has taught me so much about loving--just by the way she takes care of my Dad.  She is one of the best role models ever.  However long I have my parents with me, I will be continually grateful for this example.

And if drank diet coke while I ironed, I might even be able to burp like my mother too! :)


sara said...

Jena, I have a pile needing to be ironed that's been building for a couple of months now. If you feel like making the trip to tackle it, we have an extra room for you.

kathrynwarmstrong said...

Loved this one honoring your mom, and I loved her example of loving your dad even in the small ways. Now the burp...well... :)(