Monday, February 10, 2014

It's O.K. to have a dream?

I need a dream space.

I need a place to write about my dreams without anyone saying.. weren't you going to start this? or that?  

and then I'll have to say .. Oh, that was last week!  I have a new one this week.

Dreamers, visionaries, or whatever you want to call us.. don't live in the real world half of the time.

When I'm doing the dishes, for example, I'm thinking of things.  There isn't just this "nothing box" going on.  I have thoughts, plans, visions, that may or may not ever even make it into conversation with anyone, let alone the blog.

But this week. I keep going to the same dream.  I keep thinking about the same thing.  So, if you all promise not to hold me accountable for saving this world (this week) I'll share with you one of my on-going, loosely formed, half-baked, unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky-- dream.

The Setting:

The setting of this dream pretty much stays in the same location every time I dream it.  It is downtown Rockford.  One of the side streets in sort of a run-down neighborhood.

This is getting good, eh?  Sounds like a movie plot..

It's a house that I've purchased or some committee has purchased for me to do what I want with it.

The ground floor is empty and open.  Bare floors. blank slate.

I start designing.

The walls are lined with books, educational resources, study aides,  maps, hands-on learning tools, a dry erase board.  It's not a classroom.  It's a classy-room, living room.  The seating is in a circle.  There are desks, couches, comfy chairs, bean bags, floor mats and pillows.  Colorful, orderly  but random also.

The kitchen has a dishwasher and a fridge and a stove.  I have a pot of soup on the stove.  There are place settings on the table.  The table seats 12.

Kids are strewn all over the study area, with a few tutors plunked in here and there.  The kids who come get study time and a bowl of soup.  They have a safe place to go after school in a homey atmosphere.

Mamajean (I am referred to as Mamajean) supervises the tutors and helps the kids with their homework.  She often makes soup.  The kids learn how to make soup and clean up and do homework and say grace.  They learn to say please and thank you and use a napkin.  They learn to study and read the lessons from school as well as the Bible.

Upstairs there is a homeless, single mother and her children along with two gals recently rescued from sex trafficking.  They come down to help out or do their laundry or just check in.

On Sundays, the big room is used for a local church meeting.  The kids can invite their parents for a lunch.  The backyard has a volleyball net and a playground set.

And that, my friends, is the dream that I can not get out of my head.

Pray that God will help me get rid of this dream or give me the resources and strength and vision to do something about it.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

That is as good, GOOD dream!


sara said...

Joining you in prayer. Watch & pray.

Nita Brainard said...

That's the sort of dream that God gives. Look to Him for the fulfillment.

Charlene said...

Praying for you to be able to give birth to this dream.

Laura Santos said...

I love this dream. My mom used to dream big, often and varied. She didn't accomplish any of them, but she was the most generous person around. Her dreams fueled her generosity. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

My first comment got eaten by the blogger eater, but I'll try again! Love your dream, and I hope it comes true. :)

Beth Daghfal said...

Wow, Jena! This certainly does sound like a God dream...He is able to bring it to fruition! Can't wait to see how your dream goes!