Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ode to a beautiful summer evening..

So bright before the sunset

as the day brings forth its end

Its sweetness is illumined

The trees, the leaves, they bend

Breeze wafts through the parlor

The coolness kisses my cheek

I just stop this fleeting moment

As if through clouds, I peek

There aren't just empty chairs

Or shoes just in a pile

Open Bibles, scribbling notes

rippling pages, knowing smiles

Would I trade for streets of gold

the comforts of this life?

My war torn heart, my empty hand

for all life's comforts, void of strife?

Not for a million dollars

would I trade this scene

Take my home, the breeze, the sun--

all life's pleasures would I deem

an unworthy wage, a paltry sum

for heaven's portal, an eternal view

of saints, once sinners, lost in time

giving Him, his praise, his due

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