Monday, July 14, 2014

Useless fears..

"Ask God to show you those things in your life.. which you do
or not do
or say
or do not say..

that flow from a fear of rejection..

EVERY unhealthy addiction is rooted in a lack of understanding of this truth." Soul Physican, Dr. Thrasher/ p. 81.

And I shut the book for the day.  Some truths are too powerful to keep reading.  Some times we need to just sit and meditate on the truth and let it sink deeply.

Confidence is the opposite of fear.

It's an internal settling that can not be given, strove for, purchased, or begged for.

Would I strive for, with clenched fist-- that which can only be gained through an open hand?

Would I keep pursuing those things that are only motivated by such an unhealthy fear?

I stand, at the helm of the ship, imitating the maiden of the masthead-- waiting on God--with arms aloft, catching  the salt air through my teeth--waiting on God's abundance provision.  The waves are splashing.  The sea is rough.  My hair is getting tangled.  But I am free.  Free from expectation of others.  Free of a fear of rejection.  There is only one way, and that is forward.

I have cast my burdens over the side of the deck.  The shackles are unloosed.  I no longer have to drive.  I am free to trust God.  In this, I place all of my confidence.

No turning back
No turning back

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