Thursday, September 4, 2014

A year without my husband and family?

I attended a Toastmaster's meeting with my daughter and husband.  If you aren't familiar with Toastmasters International, it is a public speaking club.  People show up,  practice prepared as well as extemporaneous speeches, receive evaluations and generally have a nice time.

So, I decided to go.  I'm not even sure why, except that I LOVE public speaking.  I know. Weird.

So, the question was asked to me:  If you could have a year off of being a wife and a mother, what would you do with yourself? and why?

The questioner was sincere.  And he asked it in such a way that assumed that a year without a husband and children would be such a vacation that I would hardly know what beach to visit.  And for many women, the whole wife/ mother thing is burdensome and this "opportunity" to "dream" is something too wonderful to contemplate.

But not for me.

The only way this would happen is if they all died.

So, I answered the question accordingly.

If all my family died.  I would be grieving for their loss for a long time.  But during this time of healing and grieving, I would find my path again.  I lived every moment of my life loving my husband and children, so I can only imagine helping others do the same.  

Very simply, I would get training by going back to school to be a specialized family/ marriage counselor. I would spare no expense on my education because good training is what I would need.  I would take my skills and education to the hurting families and suffering marriages and ask God to use me in this way.

And that is how I answered.

I doubt it was what anyone expected.

I'm not even sure that I expected it to come out of my mouth.  But it bubbled up--from the depths of my soul..  My passion is starting to make itself known.

I don't just love my family.  I love families..

God didn't just give me a great family so I could sit on my private little world and feel sorry for the little people.  No.  That's never been my style.  My style has always been fearless.  Hands on. risky. controversial. messy.

And the passion for individual souls.. within the context of families.. Not nicey nicey families.

No.  Completely screwed up families.  dysfunctional families. hurting. sober. poor. rich. drug-abused. cult-infused, legalistic bound, licentious, lewd.  bring it.

God, I'm ready.  Bring it.


Bernadette Veenstra said...

You gave a wonderful answer. I can't imagine a year/life without my husband and kids either. I don't even like going on a day trip by myself without Brian. I don't like experiencing new and fun things without him. Which is why I do so few "girls only" things.

Laura Santos said...

Yes!! That's what Jesus came to do and we are an extension of His love for the world...for families. I just started a new job (a home school mom driving a school bus!!) and my heart just twists for each person that gets on my bus. I love them so! I'm glad for other like-minded lovers of people...of souls. God bless you, Jena.

patricia earp said...

Wow that was soulful sour patch philoshy , you would find the sweetness inside such a bitter pill to swallow, seriosly I loved this

patricia earp said...

Wow that was soulful sour patch philoshy , you would find the sweetness inside such a bitter pill to swallow, seriosly I loved this