Thursday, March 12, 2015

traveling and acting like a pinterest boss

While I won't bore you with the many details of our travels to Hawaii, I will say this: we were there. It was warm.  

Really everything else is frosting on the cake.  Seriously.  When it is THAT cold for THIS long..  you just need to get away and get warm for a few weeks.  I stayed with a friend and helped her out.  I spent every free minute on the deck of their lovely home, just enjoying the weather and taking in the view.  Really.. I am so low maintenance.  And then my sweetheart arrived. 

Things started getting.. 

O.K. you get the picture.

And then there was this. I am completely mesmerized by the ocean.

I confess.  I am too afraid to get in, but I can embrace it to some degree.  The "surf" of Lake Superior did not train me in for the high and rough seas of the North Shore of O'ahu.    But the allure of it!!!

I did "accidentally" get a little wet.

O.K. I was completely drenched, but that is only because I lost a bet with a wave.  The wave told me it was only going so far, but it went about 15 feet farther than expected.

It started innocently enough.  I said, "HEY... wouldn't it be cool if..."  famous last words.
"I'll do this plank, and you get the wave in the backdrop.."

You know.. pilates on the beach.. sort of thing.  Just like something you would see on pinterest.

 In a word, "NAILED IT!!"

OR.. not.  I'll spare you the last 10 pictures.  Half of them are ridiculous and the other half are being sold to an irreputable magazine. O.K. not really. 
But  never mind.

I didn't steal anyone's luggage--so I may get to go somewhere else if I can keep up this trend. 
Of course, buying myself an obnoxiously bright orange suitcase may or may not have had something to do with this most recent success.  I'll let you decide.


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Herding Grasshoppers said...

So fun! Wish I was there :D