Monday, November 26, 2007

Starting a new blog

Some of you may know me as the "Suzuki Mom" from my other blog,  Suzuki Mom.  But I really want to write about organizing, specifically organizing for a larger-than-average, busier-than-average, and messier-than-average kind of family.  Really, my writing is born right out of my own experiences, but hopefully some of it will transcend into yours.  

Even the cutest kids fall, get bumped around, and even hurt. Look he's got a smile on his face.

And even the best behaved children, act up.  The neatest homes get messy.  The best schedule gets botched.  

Flexibility amidst structure
compassion amidst rules
recovery amidst failure
love amidst a sinful world.

Am I taking on too big of a challenge? probably.  That never stopped me before.  In the 8th grade my Algebra teacher called me an "overachiever" just because I was getting an A even though my entrance scores said I shouldn't be able to conquer this level of math.  

So, the world needs more overachievers.. more doers.. more conquerers.  What a better place to start than at home?  Conquering chaos? clutter? clamor? and  other insurmountable challenges?  

So, here we go.  It's just another blog. or is it?

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Corrie said...

Cool!!! I can't wait to learn from the Expert! You are a natural at this.