Thursday, January 3, 2008

Menu Plan for Jan. 7-13, 2008

Monday: Wildrice chicken salad over lettuce
Tuesday: lasagna (frozen ahead), bread, salad
Wednesday: Lemon chicken + brown rice, steamed veggies
Thursday: eat out (either Thurs. or Fri)
Friday: moose roast, mashed potatoes, broccoli
Saturday: green chili enchilladas (frozen ahead)
Sunday: soup from fridge contents+ beer bread 
Mom and Dad are visiting this week.  We'll probably take a day and go into Chicago and visit a museum.  (yeah!)  Also, Dear Husband is taking a modular class at Moody Bible Institute, so we'll connect with him for dinner.  I think his class is on the book of Romans-exciting.  
What's on your menu?


Sarah said...

I grew up in Alaska with a dedicated hunter for a father - he always filled our freezer for the winter and I miss moose meat (and instead or beef burgonnoinne, we'd make caribou cabernet . . . memories!) Enjoy yours!


Marcia Francois said...

I see we share a love of organising so we're going to get along famously :)

Great menu - have a wonderful week

Organising queen

Bonnie said...

Moose meat, eh !? Never tried that ! I'm not going to ask if it's good ... if it wasn't, I'm sure you wouldn't have it on your menu !!!

Jena Webber said...

I get a lot of funny comments about moose meat. I do a lot of beef type of recipes with it. It's mainly for shock-effect that I talk about it, but it really is good! Thanks for reading and commenting. Marcia, can't wait to hop over to your blog. Sarah, I'll have to post the shooter's mitten that I made for my Dad. Bonnie, it is good, but the "cute bullwinkle" image is hard to get over.