Friday, February 8, 2008

Getting Organized with Fitness part 2:does clutter make me fat?

I guess I'm not the only one who thinks FITNESS and ORGANIZING are related. Read the article organizing junkie wrote here about Peter Walsh. Are clutter and fat related?

According to Walsh, they both represent underlying issues not dealt with.

While I do agree that they can be related, I do not think they are necessarily always connected. For example, I have met many people who happen to be fit and organized. I just reconnected with a homeschool mom who, after her children were done schooling, became a personal trainer as well as an organizing expert.

So, this would be the way of all organized people?
Not necessarily... I have met many organized, but "over nourished" people. It was like their entire world was in focus except the one area of their lives--fitness/ eating. Also, I have a few very fit and thin friends who are all a scatter either in their homes or schedules.
Theoretically, we could over-simplify the equation by suggesting "lack of discipline" is part of the problem for both. But I would like to think that we are all disciplined about the things we really value. It's just that at certain times of our lives, we loose sight of one goal while the other ones take higher precedence.

What exactly makes us loose sight of important goals? Why is so easy to drop the important things for the urgent things? I suppose if I could rattle off the answers to high-level questions like that, I should be charging a consultant's fee, eh??

But if your goal is fitness, and you've lost sight of it, take heart! We all need encouragement in one area or another. This goal has come into focus for me for the past two years. It has been wonderful reaping the benefits of a fit lifestyle. I hope you'll join me!


Gina said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Yes, we're definitely in agreement here. Its not as simple as Walsh makes it out to be.

I've often said that losing the weight was one of the hardest things I've ever done but also one of the most rewarding.

Laura said...

I definitely agree as well. It's hard to lump everyone into this same category. I'm anxious though to read the book to see what he really has to say. A one hour show really wasn't enough time for him to explain his concept in its entirety I'm sure.

Looking forward to the follow up.