Thursday, February 14, 2008

Poor Mom and Dad...

I specifically told my dear Mom and Dad that if they missed me, they could check my blog and then they would have that warm and fuzzy feeling that accompanies "home".  Unfortunately, the only thing I can do to get that warm and fuzzy feeling that accompanies being with Mom and Dad is to think about where they are now: Tahiti.  Yes... you got it... Tahiti.  

I suppose it's too hot.  Or the ice cubes aren't shaped right.. or the ocean mist is... well.. too wet.. or something.  

That's right.  A tleast I'm in Northern Illinois where all the fun is.  After all, at least I don't need to worry about sun poisoning or heat stroke.  I'm not sweating that anxiety feeling that comes with too many choices.. should I have the lobster bisque or coconut shrimp?  

Thanks Mom and Dad for going on a month long trip to Tahiti and the Mexican Riviera and sparing me the hassle of having to go myself.  Whew!  

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