Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy PI day (3-14)

Since my Dear ole Dad was a math teacher, he always taught us to celebrate important holidays, like pi day.  You know that 3.14... thingy that has something to do with a circle?  Yah, that one.  (I wasn't a math major either)  I do find this fella, Daniel Tammet, incredibly interesting. He redefines math and numbers and everything.  He memorized pi for  22,000 places!  

Speaking of numbers, math, engineering, and uh oh, Robotics.... My DH and the oldest two are at the Milwaukee Robotics competition.  Go team!  (And win those scholarships, thank you)


Jenna Wood said...

WOAH! Pi day. Holy Cow. I need to call a smart friend and celebrate. What a fun/funny dad!

Sarah said...

I just wandered over to your blog from "I am an organizing junkie". Can't wait to read more. I just wanted to say hi because I went to highschool many long years ago - graduated from East high school in 1987.

Sarah (Waller)Norman