Sunday, March 23, 2008

The organizing mommy--isn't!

I'm just an organizing mommy wanna-be, at best.  When I go around and see what other people are doing,... actually doing.. and then there's me.  Alas... I aspire to be better.  We just got back yesterday from an exciting fun-filled adventure vacation at Disneyworld.  You know my laundry therapist?  (my Mom) Well, she's actually more than just a very compassionate lady; she's very generous too.  And this is my blog, and I can boast on my Mom if I want to.  Mom took the kids and I to Disneyworld for 5 days!! 
Now what's this about me being so NOT organized?!!  Well,  on the last day of the trip, we had a 3 hour block of time that we decided to spend in Downtown Disney.  It's free to get in, and there are a lot of stores with a lot of toys!  Needless to say, we got distracted and missed a potty stop.  Wouldn't you know it was the only time of the whole trip that I did not have EXTRA clothes for the princess?  
I went into the McDonalds bathroom where another mom was dealing with the same dilemna--her princess wet also.  So, we stood by the hand dryers together drying out our size 4 shorts--kind of a neat way to make friends.  She had a great Australian accent, and we chatted away about this and that.  Meanwhile, the line in the bathroom was extending all the way out to the ice machine in aisle 1.  And THEN, a brillant idea came to me.  
I could just take a bag, rip out 2 holes on each side, stick her little legs through the holes and tie it around her waist.  Alas, the "baggy shorts" were born!  She got so many smiles and nice compliments (out of pity, no doubt) that she was reluctant to give them up when real clothes arrived.   On the bus ride back to the hotel, a husky man said, "Hey, is she wearing a bag?!"  And I said, "Yes, I suppose you're jealous!"  He laughed.  I told him I'd make him a pair of designer shorts also if he provided a HEFTY.  

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MOMMY said...

Ok, I am not the only mom that forgets to bring extra clothes!

I love your creativity to a tough situation-I will forever keep that in the back of my mind because I know for sure that I will forget the extra clothes more than a dozen more times!

Thank you so much for sharing this!!!!!