Monday, March 10, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday: some more kitchen organizing

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Now that the kitchen organizing is done, what's left in life anyway?  Thank you for all of you who left such nice comments.  I've been "into" kitchen organizing for about 10 years, and I'm constantly learning new things.  
My DH, who really is a dear, decided to get into the spirit of organizing the kitchen.  He wanted to do something special for the utensil drawer, so he DESIGNED this and made this for the drawer.  
Now, this really isn't the BEFORE picture because nobody really lives like this, do they?  But to create the effect, here it is:

This is the AFTER photo.  If you look on the left, that is where the drawer pulls out.  This is a side view.  We designed it based on the exact size of the drawer and what we frequently use.  We have a little slot for grapefruit spoons!  Yeah.  Yes, I know I'm spoiled by having such a gifted husband.  This is definitely speaking my "love language"--ha!

What else?  Yesterday, instead of taking a nap--my favorite Sunday afternoon activity--I had to make the Robotics flag.  Basically, since I've been a slug mom in the Robotics department, I was appointed to make the flag.  Jo-snazz helped me, so it wasn't so bad.  I think it turned out fine.  Maybe they'll win at Milwaukee this weekend!  

The fabric is nylon ripstop.  I didn't sew the letters; they are backed with heat and bond.  I did sew the border around the outside and Jo put grommets on the side.  There, done.  


What a Gift said...

That is cool my hubby also make me a Silverware divider out of stainless steel, he works with it regularly and we love it is the best. It was made specifically for our drawer as well. I loved your kitchen before, and relly loved your after I never thought of taking picture and posting them in the cabinet so eveyone would know where stuff goes. I may do that.

Anonymous said...

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Warmly, Renee