Sunday, April 20, 2008

Having it all together...

It's about having it together.  Which I don't, so don't get excited.  But I do know a few people who do, at least in some ways.  I have a friend, let's call her Michelle.  We both had babies around the same time.  We would often do stuff together with our babies, like garage sales and stuff.  

Well, Michelle was a walking supply cabinet.  Someone would sneeze, and out would pop a kleenex.  A kid would cry and a magical toy would appear.  And as you can imagine,  she had to always have one of these! (Tide to Go) sticks.  Wow!  Now, that is cool.  It's taken a while for this organizing mommy to actually get out there and buy one.  But now!  now... I have one.  

You should have seen me... I was sitting there in chapel Sunday morning.  All of us were sitting in a big row, single file.  Hymnals open, head covering on.. and... horror! a stain on my skirt! Normally, I would have just shifted the hymnal over my stain, but that day, I quickly grabbed my TIDE TO GO and used in on my skirt.  Even before the second verse, the stain was quickly disappearing!  VIOLA. gone.  Was I a happy organizing mommy, or what?!!  

And this has nothing to do with the price of tea in China, but here's a cool bike for a handicapped person.  If I win it, it goes to Jonathan's family! 

Here's a fun looking bike for all of those with special needs. 


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I knew something out there like that bike existed, but had no clue how to even start looking for it!

Sing4joy said...

This lives in my bag of preparedness (aka purse)between the bleach pen, the miniature deoderant and the miniature bottle of Tums. Gotta love it.