Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Drama of Looking for things...

It's the pure unadulterated DRAMA of it all.. looking for things.

I really can. not. stand. it.

I suppose that's one of the reasons that I attempt to be organized.  The only problem is... is I'm way too human.  I set up a system and try to have a place for everything and everything having a place.. and then

 Wham! Someone 1. either takes the item and doesn't return it to it's spot OR 2. that item missed getting a spot and is continually floating from room to room, drawer to drawer OR 3. we loaned it to someone OR 4. we got rid of it altogether and we're not sure if we still have it. 

So, the search is on!  This time it is for a small electric staple gun.  It was my first (electric) staple gun.  I now have a pneumatic one that requires an air compressor.  That is special and all, but sometimes it delivers such a wallop that the staple is stronger than the actual item needing attention.  Don't even ask me what I do with a pneumatic staple gun.  Let's just say that everyone stands clear, and we all pray--hard.  The only thing we have that's more exciting than that is the air-nailer.  Have you gotten the idea that we have a lot of STUFF?  So, how could we possibly lose an item like this?   Incidentally, if you are reading this and we have loaned it to you, could you spare us the pain of tearing apart the house? and just tell us... spare the drama... and just tell us.  Perhaps, my yearly "shop and dungeon" organizing should commence! 

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