Friday, May 9, 2008

Finally... something listed on Ebay.

Here is my very first EBAY selling experience.  My kids and husband love these KANGOL hats.  So, found this great one, and thought I'd try my hand at selling it.  If you think you need this, click here: organizing mommy's ebay. I've always had it in the back of my mind that selling on ebay is HARD.  Other people make it sound so easy.  It is definitely worth having Paypal.  

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to garage sale at all this week.. probably saved some money. 
Remember all of those posts about my husband traveling to Siberia?  Well, he's gone on another weird business trip again-- this time to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

A lot of times when he travels to these unusual places,  I go with him.  This time, the threats of the middle of the night "call to prayer" did not sound restful--to an overworked homeschooling mommy, suzuki mommy, blogger, pilates teacher....  ugh.   So, I'll have to let him travel alone with his other engineer friends and talk about pieces parts for airplanes.  

I still get to have fun.  I have a host of organizing jobs around the house that need to get done.  I will say this: it's easier to write about organizing than it is to keep up with a house full of kids and a house! LOL!  (As if anyone with more than ONE child doesn't know that!)  

What else is new?  My kids... my hard working kids.. are almost done with their school year!  Yeah!!!  We have 2 exams for the 8th grader and 1 for the 10th grader on Tuesday, and then we're done!!  I think I even MOSTLY have planned out what we are doing next year.  

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Blogger said...

hi there,
great blog .. I wish u good luck
I want to comment on the middle east part :p
I'm an Arabian woman from Kuwait (near UAE) :p

I don't know why most of the western people have strange feelings regarding our place!

u should come and visit us,u will be surprised :D