Thursday, May 22, 2008

Garage organizing--I'm obsessed.

You ALL know that I love organizing the garage!  The weather is warm--but not too warm.  The garage says, "me, me, me!" "pick me!", so I do it.  And I really enjoy it.  AND I'm NOT being facetious!

Now, you ALL know how I'm into finding bargains.  This is holder/ turnstyle thingy was found at a local flea market for $12.00.   It was from some little shop, going out of business.  So, naturally it found it's way into my house.  It's solid metal, covered in white.  And it's on wheels.  
Each layer has four sections within it.  So, there are 12 altogether.  One has: window washing,  another: gloves, and another: chalk.  It's a combination of cleaning and garage supplies.  I'm not a super-duper cleaner, and the kids do a lot of it.  Sometimes they claim not to be able to clean because they "can't find the stuff".  Hummpph... solved that problem, eh??  

Oh, and THIS is a bonus.  I didn't even realize the label slider thingys when I bought it.  
You see the label?  All I had to do was print them out, laminate them, and slide them in.  

Yes, we do our own car washing and waxing.  With so many kids, why not? Won't it be fun to know where everything is??  I'm so geeked!!  Or is it, I'm such a geek?!!  Either way, Yoo hoo!
All the really corrosive stuff is on the top.  

And Finally, a donation station!  Every child is required to "determine" whether or not something doesn't fit.  There used to be huge piles of stuff on my bedroom floor from whomever thought something was no longer was useful.  Now, they can carry it out there themselves.  If another child wants to sift through the clothes and find something, that's fine too. 
Now, if I could just find each one of my readers one of these (for $12.00)!!  


Lindsay said...

Nice job! Every time I make the effort in the garage it looks like a zoo within days. Sometimes it's not worth the time and allergies.

Laura said...

Wow what a great piece!! How functional is that. I like what you used it for.


minimalistmommy said...

Wow that thing is neat. Now I need a garage LOL Actually my dad has a garage as big as our house but it is off limits. Great job on organizing this space. I am so linking to you this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is awesome!