Friday, May 2, 2008

Ironing--what could be more boring?

First of all, I had to say goodbye to these 2 irons.  They EACH had a simultaneous heart attack, or was it a murder-suicide?  Either way,  they have been faithful to me, through many laundry piles.  The one on the left was a purchase of about 15 years ago--a high end stainless steel.  The other guy was a freebie for helping a neighbor clean up her stuff.  (She realized that she had 2 irons or that she had no intention of ever using one--can't remember now!)  
rest in peace, faithful ones...

And then.... Dah dah daaaaaaaahhhhhhh... a new iron has 
graced our home!  It really is as snazzy as it looks.  Yes, I just waltzed in, picked out the most expensive iron and bought it.  How economical of me, right?  Well, considering that was the way I did it last time, AND despite many moves, drops, kids, crafts and all, it still lasted 15 years.  So, here we go again.  

Now I felt obliged to actually use it, not just stare at it-- although it is pretty.  So, I did exactly what my MOTHER told me to do: set the timer.  She says: one hour of ironing  is enough, so that is it.  

This is exactly what one hour of ironing looks like:
There are 14 shirts there.  Not too bad for 1 hour.  
Unfortunately, I have about 2.45 hours left to conquer the whole pile.  Maybe I need a movie?


Anonymous said...

My philosophy on ironing: Buy shirts that don't need it or have hubby do it. :-D

kunichris said...

I bought a $70 Rowneta. That lasted a little over a year. I then bought a $60 Shark that died 9 months later-about average for all my irons over the years, so I'm back to inexpensive as long as it's auto shut off.