Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More fun on the East! Gracious Hospitality

These are scattered images from the trip.  You all know how Jo-snazz likes to take pictures.  Well, I can't possibly include everything in one post.  Our first home we stayed at was in Ohio.  (That was the barn)  The lady of the house was really into gardening.  In fact, it was quite the botanical garden, for those of you who are into that kind of thing.   (I'm still working on keeping house plants alive)  

 The gardens were surrounding the house, the many outbuildings, the gazebo and any open yard space.  In the back of the barn, there was this cute pond also. 

Here is our hostess (on the right) and one of her best friends.  Both couples have been friends since childhood.  It was so cute to see them enjoying themselves.  If you look in the background, you'll see the many Amish/ country decor items. The place smelled of sweet cinnamon and spice.  A neat experience!

I wanted to include these pictures from yesterday's Valley Forge trip.  

Because we stayed in a "barn" our first night, every time we go to someone else's home, we are staying in a new "barn".  Our last "barn" was a lovely home outside of Reading, PA.  Our host and hostess wanted us to call them "Big Daddy" and "Little Mama", and they were as sweet as they come. 

 It was their son who helped set up our trip--thanks "Little Daddy" and his little wife and daughter.   We had a lot of great laughs with them as well as homemade pizza.
Tonight we arrived at our third "barn"... er... uh... castle... in the D.C. area.  The kids are significantly "wowed" with the love and warmth of the gracious folks we are staying with.  
As much as I would normally be impressed with the claw foot tables and queen anne highboys, I'm actually more impressed at how well-to-do people with a gracious Christ-loving nature can take in complete strangers--especially with a larger-than-average family like ours.  
And on a more somber note, our only tourist attraction today  was the Holocaust museum. Words can not express the atrocities that were incurred then.  At this point I can not imagine what would be worse--dying an immediate death or suffering through a concentration camp experience?  There's a hush of silence and respect that permeates the air upon entering.  No one leaves there untouched.  Amazing. 

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! It's so fun to follow your adventures out East. Am praying for safety and a very fruitful time!