Thursday, May 8, 2008

Organizing the Laundry Room and some great finds!

One day, a few months back, a certain child of mine threatened to tell the world how my laundry room looked.  After all, if I call myself "the organizing mommy" and I have anything short of a perfect laundry room, I'm just a fraud, a faker... and you get the idea.  I love a challenge like that. 

 So, in my quiet way (?), I rang the biggest cowbell in the house and summoned a work party.  The last one to arrive, got the illustrious task of sorting socks (above).  Whenever socks end up in my path and no one claims them, they hit the wash, the dryer and then the unmatched sock drawer for whites/ OR darks.  
Another issue we have is a general lack of storage space in the laundry room.  For a family of seven, we have a wide hallway worth of room for laundry and jackets.  So, wedged in between the dryer and the wall, we have a laundry basket of rolled up towels.  I pity the child who thought he "needed" a laundry basket and dumped my clean, folded towels on the ground so he could have a basket.  But that's another story.  Let's just say that the organizing mommy was not auditioning for the sweet and patient mommy THAT day.  
This is a stack of stackable drawers with various things we need at this end of the house.  The bottom two are interesting: unmatched white socks/ unmatched dark socks.  You gotta love it.

Now you have a full view of the large width of this room.  But we don't worry about anything, because we have HOOKS.  Everybody gets ONE hook for a jacket/ per season.  
Here it is--all orderly now.  I did take a before picture, but why would you want to look at that?

Below are some quilt shop bargains.  On the right, we have the fabrics that were on clearance.  This means they are half of their normal price, but you have to buy a yard.  So, for the price of one yard of fabric, I got two yards.  The other small piece in the front is a half yard cut at regular price.  So, the pile on the right cost me: $12.50.  

On the left, however, are the REAL bargains.  I noticed an over-flowing bin of stuff as I was walking out the door.  So I casually asked, "Are you having a garage sale?"  They said, "Oh that stuff?  Those are just scraps.  It's fill up a bag for $5.00."
"Wow!  Take my pulse... only $5.00?!!"  For those who are not quilters, this may not seem like such a great deal.  But, real MODA fabrics in decent colors... for $5.00 for a quart size bag IS a good deal.   So, I zoomed through those scraps and used my other fabrics as a springboard for a color scheme.  Since I'm into making wallets and things that only require small pieces, this is perfect!  Stay tuned for what becomes of this "summer stash".

My summer stash... $17.83 total!!


Unknown said...

Wow that looks great, I love the clear stackers and idea of the mismatched socks would be great. I assign each child two of those dollarstore washable mesh bags and their socks go in there. When the dirty one is filled it is simply tossed in the washer and brought back to their room. If there are clean ones left in the remaining bag I usually toss those in the clean one so their is always a dirty one on the go. No more matching, sorting etc. Keep up the good work on the blog and I have linked you to the site I write for.

Hopewell said...

I have saved so much $ having a mismatched sock bin in the laundry area. When I think of it I pull it down when I watch a movie and come up with a few "new" pairs of socks.

I love the basket of towels, but my kids pull out the center one and make a mess--had to give up on that one! But it looks so nice.

Unknown said...

Even though you posted this last summer, I wanted to thank you so much for your ideas. I, too, have a small laundry room and, with 9 kids to wash for, I need all the inspiration I can get.
Lanette Depew
author of Bifocals and Babies