Sunday, June 8, 2008

Menu Plan Monday: June 9-15, 2008 / I'm HOME!!

It sure does--especially since I haven't cooked in OVER two weeks!  Wow!!  This has got to be a record for me.  As you can figure out, we're HOME.   Oh, the yummy, sweet feeling of home!

Now that we managed to unload the car and get everything in the house (a major feat) and start Mt. Laundry excavation, I probably should think about menu planning.  

Monday: beans and rice (I've missed them!)
Tuesday: chicken, + fettucini alfredo, steamed broccoli
Wednesday: Italian
Thursday: porkchops, healthy salad, 
Friday: eat out
Sat: left overs
Sunday: grill fish, veggies, rice
More stuff from the trip
While we were on this tremendous journey out east, we got to see my DH's family in Connecticut.  These great looking kids all are cousins.  There are a few cousins that are days apart.  The CT grandparents have 12 grandchildren altogether--only the St. Louis cousins are missing.  The 2 smallest ones on the left are the Vermont cousins, and the 3 that form a triangle in the middle are the CT cousins.  All the rest are the IL cousins (our kids!) 
Cousins' home view of the CT landscape! 

Part of the cousins'  "farm".  Just beautiful!!  Great memories!!  


Laura said...

Welcome back, sounds like you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Your menu sounds great for the week! Especially today...yum!

Great pics!

Have a great week!
Amanda, Down Home Dieting

Anonymous said...

Beautiful kids and countryside!