Friday, July 11, 2008

I really DO want to finish things....

I really DO want to finish things, but unfortunately, I have accumulated A LOT of unfinished projects.   The worst part about all of this is that MOST of them are VERY close to being finished.  So, in order to motivate myself, I am posting.. telling the WHOLE world what is hiding in the depths of my craft room.  

1. Green Luna Moth sweatshirt/ jacket

2. orange knitted sweater for child in a cabled lace pattern

3. Jacket lined with black..

4. Skirt needs mending
5. Bundle of green fabric, waiting for an inspiration

6. Purple sweater with basket weave

I tore out this sleeve and re-worked it.  

7. Big rug for family room.  (hand hooked)
8. Great fabric.. seems to saying "wallet"
9. A present for my DH.. almost done. Like to have it framed. (cross-stitched.. first project)

Yes, the truth is out.  I'm a STARTER and not necessarily a FINISHER.   So, I am hoping the Hawthorne effect will take over, and I will get going.  Tell me these are cool projects worth finishing.  Isn't that part of getting organized?  Recognizing your character weaknesses and nailing them to the ground like my hero (favorite Bible woman) Jael.


Joanna said...

Thanks for reminding me mom, I have a lot of unfinished stuff too. Lets do it together!

The Law Mom said...

Hi! I found you through Anna's page (Domestic Felicity). I noticed you are from Rockford! Small world!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you were so crafty! You're ahead of me. I used to have a whole stash of projects that I'd never even started!

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your blog, and I am feeling inspired. The other day, I found my unfinished wood-carved plaque(from 25 years ago)that read, "Clean up the world tomorrow, today just clean your room". LOL! Thanks for sharing! I better go inspect my room!