Friday, July 18, 2008

Now I'm REALLY glad we organized!!

You NEVER know what is going to happen next around here.  I woke up to the sound of water running... kind of a pumping.. struggling kind of running.  I had that feeling that I OUGHT to go check this out.  I'm glad I did because there was water GUSHING into the downstairs bathroom.  

PANIC!!...So, I called neighbors, husband, and friends.  Before I knew it, the rescue squad arrived to shut off the MAIN and reconnect everything.  Thank you Carl, Nate and Dana, and mostly, the Lord.  

While I can't really tell you how to be organized IN an emergency, I can tell you that being organized BEFORE an emergency happens is really useful.

AND not having extra JUNK all over the ground can save you the hassle of throwing everything out and drying off things.

Even though there was water all over the "dungeon" floor and the bathroom/ bedroom, nothing got damaged other than the ceiling tiles where the water was flowing in from.  

All of our stuff is in heavy duty plastic boxes or off the ground.  We were able to mop up a lot of the water with towels.  The dehumidifier and fan are going non-stop, and the closet is pretty much dry already.  Yeah!!  

I asked my DH if I should stay and help rather than go teach my fitness class.  He said there really wasn't anything I needed to do!  So, I went ahead and took little E  and Hudbud with me to the gym and grocery shopping.  

So, what would have been an entire day of drying off things and hauling and moving junk, was almost like a normal day because of an organized basement.  (And since we had a flood last year, I organized the basement with flood prevention in mind!) 

I hope it doesn't seem like I'm congratulating myself because it is the LORD who orders our trials and gets us through them, despite our best efforts.. the horse is prepared against the day of battle (our part), but victory is of the LORD (his part).


Elisa said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! I saw that you live in Rockford-- I used to live there, and Dekalb. I miss it bad bad bad. I actually talked to my best friend tonight who is still in Rockford off N 2nd street... What a small world, huh?!?

Elisa said...

you are right. slang term does, typically, originate from a bad lifestyle. I found that site a titch offensive too-- but interesting none the less. When my husband was in Law school we lived in an urban setting in DeKalb-- so it was interesting to me to find out what all those words/phrases were that I was hearing my neighbors say. My ears were always burning!

We used to live in Loves Park. My husband worked for a Chicago law firm that had an office in Rockford. We got an opportunity to move west (colorado/utah area)-- so we took it. He is originally from Normal.

All our friends are still there-- and my dearest friend lives in Freeport. I love that area! So fun to connect with you!