Monday, July 14, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday and great finds..

This week was a big YARD and GARDEN week.  If you remember my previous garden confusion--where I planted seeds and could not even tell them apart from the weeds--that sort of made me start the whole garden over.  So, I pulled up everything: weeds and plants alike.   I planted NEW seeds on June 17th.  Now, it's a month later, and I'm posting photos.

This is the garden after a month.  Those big things were just little pumpkin seeds.. and now they are great big plants!  I am still not sure if the stuff on the left is a well-nurtured weed or sugar snap peas.  
I am so happy that BASIL is growing in!!  My favorite cooking herb.  Here comes the pesto!!  

We have about 8 million bushes that needed trimming.  We've only just begun the trimming process, since they go all around the house and jut out in all weird ways.  This is the front yard. That always seems to be a priority.  The rest of the house gets neglected.  There are some that have grown so big they need one of these..
Yes, a chain saw..  a small electric chainsaw for cutting branches.  The Lord provided it at a garage sale this weekend.. $25.00!  Here my DH is discovering that the chain was put on backwards.. maybe that's why it needed to go? 

He called around and found out what kind of oil it needed.  We still haven't used it yet, since I know they can be dangerous.  But I'm ready to finish the job!!  

This rake was "free", since it was rusty.  I really wanted one just like this, and they were going to throw it out.  That's exciting.  For more tackling, visit: 5 minutes for Mom. 


Mrs. O said...

I love your coordinated outfits and the deals are great, too. Congrats on the basil!

Anonymous said...

hey! you guys match! Your garden looks delicious!

Jena Webber said...

Yeah.. I'm weird like that.. coordinating work outfits and all... LOL. thanks for commenting!

Nell said...

You have such a beautiful lawn and garden!

Mines up also.

Lisa Knight said...

Great tackle & finds! Ok so what do you DO with the rake??? I have one in my shed & have no idea what to use it for???

Our garden is growing by leaps! They are fun to watch!

The Frugal Momma

Deb said...

Love the matching shirts! And I have the same trouble distinguishing between plants and weeds. Sigh.

Great tackle! :)

Richelle said...

Your garden looks great!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Okay, seeing your big huge pumpkin plants makes it VERY clear to me that something is wrong with my teeny tiny puny plant that has been in the ground for two months now. Clearly it doesn't like where I had my husband plant it!

~ Sarah

Anonymous said...

It looks like everything is going well!

Anonymous said...

Like the matching outfits!