Thursday, August 21, 2008

DeClutter Challenge: Week 3

This week, I uncluttered the beloved country hutch that adorns the living room wall and holds many games, pictures and decorations.

Before: It doesn't look too bad when the doors are closed up.

Decluttered and rearranged the pictures, bottles and things on the three shelves.

AFTER: the drawers with many games are organized by: size and usage.  I'm not really sure where the before pictures are.  (Jo is out at Robotics, and I'm not good at finding things)

Drawer: Before: 
Drawer: after

Drawer: before

Drawer: after

One large bag of junk and 3 games removed, we are done! 
For more decluttering, visit the organizing queen

About the hutch: My DH made the hutch from yellow pine from Panama while we were living there.  It was his first major woodworking project.  It's still holding up today.  


Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving me a heads up about the tupperware. I feel much better now. I've never thrown any out and it seems when I go to buy more I can never find something to match what I already have. I've resorted to large ziploc bags for now. Not the most economical, I need to get more containers. How troublesome, how convenient.

Anonymous said...

Looks great! I love your colored glass bottles.

Janet in Toronto said...

Great work! The hutch is gorgeous!

HDMac said...

That hutch IS gorgeous. Great job you have done this week!!!

Anonymous said...

Love those before and after pictures - truly inspiring! (from a fellow challenger)...Michelle

Anonymous said...

Wow- the after o=pictures are stunners. Wish mine looked that way. Maybe one of these weeks. Thanks for sharing.