Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting those deductions organized

This year at  tax time, Mommy was really heart-broken that she couldn't find half of donation receipts.  When she did find them, she had no idea what "3 bags of clothes" was worth! 

She seems to go to those donation places all the time, so that was a bummer.

I told Mommy about this resource:  its deductible online.

She really likes this a lot.  She logs in with a password.  It guides her through each item donated.  IT keeps track of your donation for you.  When she files taxes in the spring,  it will slide those facts and figures right into Turbo Tax.  Now, she won't be so crabby at tax time, and we'll probably go out for icecream to celebrate.

So, that's what we did this afternoon: exchange library books, drop off donations and go shopping.  Pretty ho-hum.  


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! I went to the bother of getting my account set up on ItsDeductibleOnline and discovered that (by inputting my own records), I've already donated about $1,000 this year, whereas I'd estimated for myself that I'd given less than $500. Thank you for this great tip! We give away lots of stuff to our favorite ministry now that our kids are growing up, and we may as well get the tax break. Thanks for sharing!

Munchkins and Music said...

I wish I was more organized with some things. I like your site! Lots of good info!