Saturday, August 30, 2008

Keeping the Balance.. cleaning and organizing v/s living

Aaa.. beautiful flight in formation-- the lead plane has the other three on his wing just perfectly.  It's just one picture of "balance" to illustrate the delicacy of balance of the various aspects of homemaking.  As my former pilot husband as explained to me, the lead plane is responsible for the life of the rest of the planes.  The other planes take their cues from lead.  That is what gives them grace, precision, and beauty.  If, perchance, the lead plane completely loses orientation, it could have the devastating effect of pummeling all four planes into the ground.  

The real question is: what is our "lead plane"? It is brought out in questions like: "How do I know how much housework is enough?"  Is it: keeping the house clean or organizing? homeschooling? cooking? ministering to others? hospitality? Bible study? working from home? recovering from birth? recovering from...?

With a little over a few hundred daily readers, is it possible that everyone's "lead plane" would be the same? 

We need to seriously assess where we are in this crazy phase of "life".  
Do you have: a move/ a transition/ new job/ young children/ death in the family/ loss of a friend/ or other xyz that would add confusion to your life? 

If so, how much realistically can you devote to keeping up with the house? 

Now I'm going to throw a fast one on you.

How much of problems xyz are you using as an excuse to NOT clean/ organize the house? 

It's really complex here.  That's why I am not even going to offer MINIMUM standards.  

We've been through  a lot of xyz's in our lives.  I can say this.  Sometimes the problems were so much that I couldn't even think about housework and let everything go.  But MOST of the time, things seemed a lot better when I at least put forth some effort in homemaking.  

 Is it always the will of God to have a perfectly organized, clean home at all times? 

There may be a certain population of people out there that for them, the answer is always "yes".  God has wired them that way.  They go "non-functional" without completely having every spec of dirt tamed and every form of clutter reformed.  If that IS you, don't feel bad by the rest of us.  You probably will NEED to hire a maid or something if you ever get really sick or something happens.  

For the rest of us, who are wired a little more "softly" or for some plain old "sluggardly".. 

* decide what "your" minimum standards are
* decide that you won't be bothered when your home doesn't look as good as someone else's 
* and focus on your little family and life

So, what is going to make your formation run smoothly?

For me, the Lord has to get control of the (ever-changing) lead plane every morning.   How about you?


David said...

Garl Gustav Jung discussed the thoughs expressed today in your lovely post. It's all part of the mid life crisis. It's not unique to you though it's something that faces all of us. Good luck


Scribbit said...

Oh good metaphor. Lead plane--I'll be thinking of that one.

Anonymous said...

Loved the imagery of the importance of the lead plane. I've experienced the thrill of achievement under command as well as the devastation of having my leader make a wrong turn. Haven't we all? And, haven't we all failed those under our command at times? Beautiful thoughts. Keeping our heart and mind trained on God as our ultimate leader keeps us from total destruction even when there are crashes!

"Intentionally Katie" said...

Oh man...I would imagine my lead plane might change now and then. Now you've got me thinking!

Lynn C said...

Enjoyed your commentary! To have my "formation in place" and function at a high level, I really need to have everything neat and tidy.

Anonymous said...

Encouraging post! You make an excellent point about not worrying if your house doesn't look like someone else's. They may have a different lead plane.