Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Works for Me.. Wednesday

Shannon, over at Rocks in my Dryer, is giving us a challenge.  We are to ask our readers for their advice on issues and problems.  Oh goodie.  Here's my big chance--free advice.

And I'm not going to make this easy!  You can choose which question to answer.

1. Is it more important to save money or to eat healthy (assuming that they are mutually exclusive)?  

2. Is it more important to plan menus based on what you already have in the fridge or what's on sale in the store?

3. Is blogging a waste of time or do the benefits you reap from it save you time, money or energy in other ways?  

That's all.. happy thinking. 

 Oh.. and you guys.. yeah.. you know who you are...
the ones who never comment... it's time.  Get typing.  Yeah, you. 


Lisa said...

Let's see (Good questions!), I vote for: 1) eating healthy (but still prudently, by cutting costs elsewhwere); 2)Always using what's in the fridge first, as food gone bad is money thrown in the garbage; 3)Blogging is not a waste of time IF you limit your time and use it wisely on truly useful resources. But all the good tips in the world are useless if you read them and don't use them...

Kristin - The Goat said...

It is more important to eat healthy. Your body will perform better, look better and love you back if you feed it great food. Learning how to make food in larger batches and freezing for later is a great way to stretch those food dollars.

I totally blog just for me, as of now I don't make a single cent from blogging but I love it so much and have found so many cool people that I can't imagine my life without it now.

Unknown said...

Save money or eat healthy? Plan ahead or use what you've got? I think those two are related. If you plan well and shop the sales, your fridge and pantry can be stocked with healthy items. I use The Grocery Game to help me find the best deals and stockpile them, and I plan dinners a month at a time. Having my meals planned that far in advance helps me know which sale items are worth stockpiling, and how much to get. (The Grocery Game is a paid service, but there are other sites that do similar things for free--or you can watch the sales yourself. But for me it's well worth the subscription fee for the $ and time I save.)

Blogging, I honestly don't devote that much time to it (as my blog will attest). But I don't see any problem with it as long as it doesn't keep you from other things you should be doing.

MamaMay said...

I am going to have to go with eat healthy. If you eat healthy you ARE saving money in health costs in the long run, so though you have to spend more now on healthy food, you are doing yourself a favor in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I think, as for me... eat healthy; use what's in the fridge first and buy on sale for later; blogging is useful as a way of communicating (giving and receiving) love, encouragement, and counsel...calling each other on the "love and good works."

As for how many people will respond, if your readership is like mine, there are dozens and dozens of people out there who apparently read but NEVER comment. Can't figure it out, but it seems to be true!

Faith-in-One said...

Hi - I am new to your blog but love, love, love it... here are my thoughts.
1) Save money... I know it's not the popular answer but Lisa C said it all - there is no reason you have to sacrifice eating healthy shopping locally for fresh foods - or even Walmart. We save money on many things that allow us to 'splurge' on healthy necessities... and as far as blogging goes? I don't have one of my own, yet. I don't think I have a knack or talent or amazing words of wisdom like the blogs I read... I think you have a God-given gift to write and share via your blog - things that bring smiles, tears, sanity, advice, etc... it would be a shame if those of you who blog didn't use what God gave you in that way... :) I have learned so much and had so many "AHA" moments (like the V8 commercials) because I've been blessed by your blog... keep it up - all of you!

Molly said...

I vote for eating healthy and reaping the benefits in the long run. As for blogging ... I don't blog myself but love to read them and get connected with other people from all over the place. How amazing!! I don't even remember how I stumbled across your blog but have been enjoying it lately. I also love to organize!!

Sherry said...

1st, great blog!

Ok, I think it is more important to eat healty regardless of cost.

Use what is in the fridge 1st but menus do help organize your shopping as well as plan for food storage, etc.

Blogging is great but as with anything, done in excess can be a time waster. I have found an infinite number of wonderful ideas & resources from blogs....thanx!!

Jena Webber said...

I'm totally humbled by
1. the profuse compliments
2. the wonderful advice
and most of all,
3. those of you who came out of the woodwork to comment. I consider that to be the best thing that could have happened here.

I'm all about eating healthy, but some times it really does cost more. I still do it, but there are ways to do it cheaply too--such as homemade bread, beans, garden veggies etc.

I try to discipline myself to plan my menu around what's in the fridge, but sometimes I'd rather just "start over with fresh"--it's the temptation anyway.

I like blogging, but I can easily tune out the world when I'm super focused on a post. In the meantime, what kind of mom am I being then? I just have to keep it in balance.

Anonymous said...

1. My father-in-law always said "What money you save in the grocery store will be spent at the doctor's office". Spend the money on good food! This being said, I think you can eat healthy, beautiful meals and still watch your budget.

2. I do not like an over-stuffed refrigerator as I mentioned in http://bonavita.wordpress.com/2008/04/25/still-life/. Plan your menu around your stock on hand and supplement it with sale items. At one point in my long life I was an avid coupon clipper. I must say I purchased many food products that I did not need and some that I never utilized as a result. Just because an item is on sale does not mean you must purchase it.

3. The jury's still out on this one. It is highly possible!

Anonymous said...

I guess if eating healthful food and saving money are TRULY mutually exclusive, then I'd have to go with eating well, BUT I don't really think they are. Shopping sales, grinding your own grain, baking from scratch, getting fresh produce, etc. are all ways to eat better without spending too much. I think it's probably true that you should start with what's in your fridge, but I'm not very good at that, and I often forget to put leftovers out because I don't have enough for a whole meal, and I love to have everything "go together." I don't like to say, "Who wants a scoop of spaghetti with his pot roast?" So the "start fresh" temptation is a big one for me. As for blogging, it CAN'T be a waste of time, it's too fun! I do have to be careful, though. I think the truth is that I probably spend a little too much time on the computer. I should just do it during "rest" time in the afternoon, but sometimes I get excited about something, and then my blogging/checking blog time starts to encroach on other things. And then, I have to hope I have enough of that leftover spaghetti for supper!

Anonymous said...

WEll...Eating healthy it seems to me starts with the initial swapping/shopping plan. Buying inexpensive veggies like carrots and lettuce is a good place to start. Knowing who is ready to harvest their garden and bartering for the veggies you don't grow helps. It helps that I have wild game in the freezer but the only meat I buy is the meat on sale. When I fix meat, I plan 2 leftover meals in advance. I freeze one immediately. When I was working, I had one huge cooking day and I still like to do that at least once a month. Time at the stove gets old after all these years! I'd rather be reading my amazing daughter's blog. Love you O.M. The Mom