Sunday, October 26, 2008

Menu Plan and the Reformation Day Faire..

This week I am not going to assign days to my meals, since I do not have my head on straight yet.  I do plan to make clean out the fridge soup tomorrow, but I'm not sure about the other days.  My dear WH (DH) has customers in town this week, so I'm not sure exactly when he'll be home for food.  Here are some of the possibilities: 

mexican chicken
moose stew

We really DID have a huge weekend.  This is the view from the car as we travelled to Scotland, I mean Peoria.  Actually, it felt like we really were in Scotland around the 1600's or so.  
The day was rainy getting there, but we had a beautiful fall day the next day.

The man in the middle, Mr. James Mac Donald and his church organized a Reformation Day Faire, around the theme of the Scottish reformation and John Knox.  He's the man in the middle.  I think there are famous reformers all around him. 

(from the arts and crafts booths set up in the "Market Place")

People gathered from all around, many dressed in Renaissance/reformation clothing or Scottish tartans.  It was a beautiful display of colors and costumes.
Here are Hud and Than eagerly enjoying the "bauffer" wars.  
There were highland games of log throwing, stone throwing, archery (with homemade archery) and plenty of fun opportunities for kids and adults alike to enjoy themselves in old fashioned events.

Princess E's favorite activity was watching the "candle dipping".

I enjoyed hearing the bagpipes.  

A sleeping baby, cradled by a sister.  There were about 100 babies there.. O.K. not really 100, more like 35 or so.  They were all snuggled up in the family tartan "sling".  Everyone seemed to be into baby-wearing.  It was kind of fun to see the families with 8-10 children (average) all decked out in the family plaid.  We knew what "clan" they were from that way.  

After dinner, there were historical dances at the ball. 
Yes, I finally put on my costume and bribed my son to dance with me.
The baby didn't slow this mom down.  

You gotta be impressed.  These were some neat folks.  We'll definitely go next year.  First, I have to find out what my family tartan is.  I really do have Scottish heritage.  We are of the Montgomery clan. 
 I just looked it up.  This is my family tartan.  Impressive, eh?  O.K.  Next year... All O.M.'s family should be wearing this:  



Rebecca said...

I read Stacy MacDonald's blog, and saw pictures of last year. I would have LOVED to go! I love all things Scottish. =)

Anonymous said...

That looks like such fun! I wish I could have been there. I'm Scottish, too. I'm a McArthur.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like a lovely time. And, I voted you best dressed even though you were missing the Tartan Plaid thing (I'm more of a knights and shining armor glitz person than Scottish clan plaid even though I too have the Celtic thing running through my blood lines. . .my daughters and I look forward to seeing your entire clan decked out in that fab "Montgomery" plaid next year. If I were you I would start sewing now and don't stop until all of your family is attired and ready to go. Can you order the fabric?

Anonymous said...

How fun!! Our church does an annual Reformation Day Celebration too!!