Monday, November 3, 2008

Wisdom from the mouth of babes

Menu planning makes me happy, except when it doesn't..  Just kidding.  O.K.  here's a cute little, young wifey who plans GREAT stuff.  I'd like to make at least ONE thing from Angela's kitchen

Other than that, I am making chicken pot pie for tonight because THAN said that's what he wanted.  Maybe I'll post a recipe.  Speaking of recipes, how do you guys get yourselves to actually cook with them?  I seem to think all recipes a mere "suggestion" of the ingredients.

Take this conversation from yesterday with Robotdude.

Me: How many cups of pumpkin do you think I have in this roaster?
Hubby: It looks like 30 or so.  Why do you need to know?
Me: Because the recipe says 29 ounces of pumpkin per batch of pumpkin butter
Hubby: What? You're using a recipe? Is something wrong?
Me: No, I have to.  It's only my second time making it.  So, what do you think? Should I measure the pumpkin?
Robotdude: Why don't you do what you normally do?
Me: What's that?
Robotdude:  Use the force!!  

GAH... The "force" what ever that is, got pushed aside.  There were 24 cups altogether.  

Here's another conversation I had yesterday with Princess E, that talkative --almost four year old.

I just got done putting clips in her hair, getting gussied up for "meeting".

E: Do I look like Diane?  (Diane is a friend of ours who married Travis, another friend of ours)
Me: Why of course you do.  Now, is DIANE the "standard of beauty?"
E: to Travis, she is...

Wisdom... Wisdom beyond her years... 


Anonymous said...

Very sweet. Princess E is right. Diane is beautiful on the outside and gorgeous on the inside. You can't help but see the beauty of Christ in that couple. I miss them!

On a lighter note, I liked Robot-Dude's comment about the force. It reminded me of a funny story: My young son was given a "Star Wars" toy (and he didn't know the story or any of the catch phrases). This toy would say, "Use the force, Luke". So, he went around saying, "use the fork , Luke!" Eventually, we corrected his cute mistake.

Anonymous said...

Charming stories! Wow, that little E's got it figured out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bean,Emily is becoming the new "Princess of one-liners". You held that title in our family for years. She is really a mini-OM. After she is saved, the Lord will use that and many other young Godly attributes for his glory. Ramain faithful in her rearing:-).

Angela said...

You are so kind!! Thank you so much:) I hope you enjoy your week! I hope one day to have a house full of kids too;)

The Boojes said...

Okay...did Travis and Diane have a BOY or a GIRL?? Guys just aren't necessarily the best about communicating these things,and we're in the dark over here! =P