Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wordy Wednesdays..

This was last Wednesday, Nov. 4th.. our last real day of warmish-fallish weather.  This is right outside of the Rockford College Music Academy, where a few of our kids take lessons.  

I picked up the little red outfit at the local discount grocery store (Aldi).  I couldn't resist--it was $12.99.  Really. 
The big yellow tree was just asking to be posed in front of..

Last week, I mentioned that Jo painted a picture of this.  Here's the photograph.

..Here's the painting.   Yes, I took the picture of the painting--that is why it is goofy lighting..  But I love the colors she chose! It's definitely going in my new wild bedroom!  

To make matters funnier, I told Jo that I was going to put it in my room.  She said something like: "Why would you want to hang THAT on the wall??!!"  

Me: "Because I am your Mom, and I think it's beautiful!!"  
Don't you agree??


Anonymous said...

Wow! I love Jo-Jo's painting. She is very humbly talented! It will look freat in your bedroom.

Anonymous said...

OOPS I meant to type Great! not freat. :-(.

Anonymous said...

Lovely artwork...both the pictures and the painting!

Anonymous said...

Princess E is too cute! And that little red outfit is just great with all the fall colors. I am seriously impressed by Jo's painting talent. I think her painting definitely deserves a place on a wall.

Unknown said...

What a terrific price for a great outfit.
Love the photos.