Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My addictions..

I was asked to list my top 6 "addictions", by my good blogging friend, Kathy of Bonavita.  She also awarded me this great award.  

This was a hard one for me.  I'm either joyfully enjoying something that I'm allowed to enjoy or I'm enjoying something that I'm not allowed to enjoy.  Out of all of things I enjoy, I have specifically picked things that, if I'm not careful, could potentially turn into addictions

As of now, you can not love: God, your family, the lost souls, the Word of God and prayer too much.   So, they will not be in my list. 

So, without further ado: (in no particular order)...

1. Exercise!  I specifically like pilates, but I would like to do more cardio workouts.  I'm also a fan of the YMCA!  Go Y! 

2. Teaching: homeschooling and teaching English at our co-op/ and  public speaking

 (In short, I like waxing eloquently in front of people... strange but true) 

 (one student from last year's teaching adventures)

3. Organized, LABELED spaces..

4.  Clutter-free safe havens in the home..

5.  Fiber arts: sewing and knitting
(This top was made of fabric and a lace knit collar, cuffs and bottom--gave it to my Gram. She loved it!)

6.  The great scenic outdoors!

(Lake Superior with E in 2006)

Speaking of outdoors, this is too fabulous NOT to pass on.

Colorado lady is having a huge giveaway/ contest where she gives away one week at a Colorado Cabin. Check it out. Contest ends Dec. 20


Anonymous said...

Thanks for postingyour "passions"! I want to come over and see those labels. Your home is a cozy, lovely haven. By the way, I will come over and paint a tiger stripe on your shelves if you would like! ;)

Jena Webber said...


Yes, I need tiger stripes on: everything.. LOL. You know my friends in real life can hardly believe that we're only "online" friends and have no prior connection to blogging. God is good, eh? (ditto for Mrs. Parunak)

We're expecting a clipper, icestorm, 12 inches and all that.. wonder if it's a media hoax or something real?

Anonymous said...

What a fun read! I share all of those addictions with the exception of labels. I'm trying to get there, though! I do see the benefit, and I love the labels my dear Mr. Parunak put in our fridge, and I would be lost without the labels on my basement bins. I just haven't yet incorporated labels into the rest of my life.