Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thou shalt not for the holiday season...

Thou shalt not... overspend this holiday season.  If you have money and want to spend it, our economy could use the boost.  If you don't have it, don't spend it just to make someone feel "special".  If I knew someone went into the debt to get me a gift, I would feel awful about it. 

Thou shalt not... bicker with your hubby, even if he does not help with all of the extra things you've loaded on your plate.  

Thou shalt not.. bark at your kids, even if the house gets a little distressing looking.  Kids are kids, even when it's the holiday season.

Thou shalt not.. start coveting everything that everyone else has, or gives to their kids.. or their nice house.  Thankfulness for what you have and are starts at home.

Thou shalt not.. overeat!!  Just because fattening, yummy foods are everywhere doesn't mean you have to eat a huge portion of everything.  

Thou shalt not.. drive crazily while zooming from place to place.  The weather is getting bad, and we need to slow down and make good decisions on the road.

Thou shalt.. get enough sleep

Thou shalt not.. forget to laugh, smile, love, hug, and rejoice! 

copyright 2008 organizingmommy 

Menu for this week:
Monday: whole pea and ham soup/ cornbread
Tuesday: eat out? (jam-packed activities)
Wednesday: freezer/ lasagna
Thursday: moose, polenta, veggies
Friday/Sat/Sun: not sure.. might cook a turkey.

Had a great, fun-filled weekend doing the Gospel booth and Robotics social with the kids.  
For menu inspirations, check out my favorite organizing blog: organizing junkie.


Unknown said...

I just love lasagna.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your Thou Shall Not list is just perfect. I really like the one about driving . . . have you been to a shopping center parking lot lately?!

I love this time of year. The Christmas season makes me warm and delighted.We are fairly laid back with our celebrations. The kids do so much of the decorating and they help with the baking. I am just not the stressed out type this time of year. Even our entertaining is low key - easy to please friends and family that let you clean up as you visit!I love hearing about how other families celebrate, or don't. I think it is so important for individual families to work out their celebrations and traditions based on their own needs, likes, husband's wishes, etc. I think so many families feel unnecessary pressure this time of year from their surroundings (church, family, friends). It certainly takes the focus off of Christ and love, joy and peace. Well, I've said enough! Thanks !

Anonymous said...

I need to print out your "shall nots" and post them on my wall. :) Just what I need. Thank you for sharing, and for stopping by my blog. :)