Monday, January 19, 2009

Surprise! I really was!!

So, my family REALLY pulled a fast one on me.  I had a sort-of clue that something was going on when my kids were 1. cleaning when not being asked to and 2. my four year old mentioned something like "I wonder when the Mmmwellls (Morells) are coming".  So, sure enough! My buddy, Kathy and her husband, Jon and their six kids showed up for a weekend of fun.  I figured that was it.  What a neat idea. I never suspected there was MORE. 

So, Kathy and I left to do our lunch out and shopping.  This is normal procedure for us.  We just indulge in some grown-up conversations and expensive food.  The dads handle the 11 children, and we bring home something easy for dinner.  
I had no-idea that there were many people working feverishly around my home to get it "party-worthy".  All the kids, dads and friends were preparing stuff for the party. 
There was even some ice-shaving going on.
I wonder why they put a 40 there, since I'm 30 this year?  Must have been an oversight. 
I think that my DH really outdid himself for this one.  Even though we only had 50 people there, there were so many we forgot! (Sorry if you are reading this and thinking: why didn't I get invited?)  Poor Will had the flu and a back issue all week.  I'm surprised he could do anything!!

No party around here is complete without a crazy string adventure.  These are the main culprits. 
This young lady worked like a workhorse (I'm sure) to make this a reality.  And she has time to hold a friend's baby during the party. 



Mitten from Smitten said...

Oh how wonderful that they did that for you!! Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely surprise. I'm so happy that your family blessed you in this lovely manner! It's great you had such a wonderful birthday weekend.

Megan Spears said...

How fun. I hope you had a happy birthday. Surprises are really so fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday!!! What a wonderful family you have.

And such fun to see the video. You really do have Yooper accent! I love it!

Anonymous said...

What a great surprise - I wish I'd been there, but the video helps! (How neat that you have other friends named Kathy and Jon!)
Have a GREAT 4th decade!!!! :)

Clifton Homeschool Encouragement Group said...

Oops - it's actually going to be your 5TH decade, isn't it? Me homeskool mommie. Me can count.

The Boojes said...

How fun! Happy 40th! I'm glad they "got" you! =)