Saturday, February 7, 2009

Anxiously trying to be calm...

This is it.  Robotdude, our firstborn child is RIGHT NOW taking his first college-prep test: the ACT.   

We did NO preparation, and we just signed up a few days ago, hoping to get in on stand-by.  

So, my DH just called and He got in on standby.  I should be praying, not worrying.

Are there any other homeschoolers out there who have survived their children getting into college and all of the emotional drama that goes with it?  (not for him--but for me!!)  

Deep breath.. inhale.. exhale.. 

God is in charge.  He'll do fine. 

This reminds me of the time that Joanna was signed up for a "word power challenge" that I barely remembered signing her up for.  I gave her no prep and sent her in cold.  She ended up placing first and went to the regional competition.  

God helped Jo, he'll help Jamie (Robotdude)  too.  


Anonymous said...

I've sent off my four oldest. They all did well, despite my fears that I had failed them in some area of education.

Looking back, I can see how God provided what each child needed at just the right time, even though I couldn't see it then.

Shanna said...

He will do fine. Sometimes I fear that our children will not do well out of the sheer possibility that they will. Which means they will become independent of me and won't need me anymore.

Best wishes to you both!

Jena Webber said...

Thanks. No I want him to do well! I'm just such an airhead and took tests poorly. My kids have surpassed my abilities in everything--including taking tests!

Anonymous,, who are you? Do I know you?

Anonymous said...

I love anonymous's comment. good luck! I hate standardized test, I never faired well with them.

L2L said...

So how does he think he did? I am a bit anxious myself as I am going to the public school this week to find out about some art classes for my oldest. I am kinda hoping that they don't have any classes available as this would be the first time of him being in such an enviornment except sunday school and VBS. Oh the joys of being a mother!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I posted as anonymous. I'm a homeschool mom in KS.

I came across your blog in the past couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

I got your comment on my e-mail, and prayed for him. God is in control!