Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Newest best friends are always falling into my life...

Have I mentioned that people are always "falling into my life"?  Well, yesterday was no exception.  I was actually being a good girl and decided to force myself to swim laps in the pool.  I'm trying to learn how to love swimming.  It's not easy.  All  that breathing and flapping--you know--it's hard!  

So, I swim two laps, I took my heartrate: 26 in 10 seconds!! (am I out of shape, or what?)
and I look over at the girl next to me.  I asked her,

 "Are you a swimmer?"

Her: "I used to be, but I am out of practice.."

Me: "I'm thinking about taking a swimming lesson.  I teach pilates here, but I need to get some cardio in."

Her: "Hey, I was just in your pilates class! I knew that voice sounded familiar."

Me: "You poor thing.  You just had to listen to me for an hour, and now have to put up with more!"

Her: laughing..  
So we talked, and finally I asked her, so what were you wearing, and where were you? 
(You have to understand that about 8 new people show up every time I teach...)

Me: "You were a really hard worker!"

Her: "Wow! How did you know that?  I really do try hard at everything I do!"

Me: laughing.. "I could just tell!"

Instantly we discovered that we had a WORLD of things in common. I could just tell that I had just met my newest best friend. Now the poor gal had to listen to me blab on and on about everything instead of getting a decent workout...

Just as we were both starting to feel guilty about the lack of swimming that was happening, I noticed a lady walking by carrying a pretty cool contraption.  It looked like a floating babyseat for adults.  

Being a curious George type of A.D.D. personality, I instantly had to know what those were for.  The teacher, Diane, stopped everything to explain that they were special things to help people exercise in the water.  Ingenious!  A person with joint/ bone problems could get a pilates style of workout without putting any pressure on the body..  So, while I was enjoying this thing with my newest best friend, distracting all three of us... something happened.

But I'm not really sure WHAT happened.  Diane, the teacher-- soon becoming my newest best YMCA employee friend (right after Charles) ,  leaned over because she saw my goggles at the bottom of the pool, and WHUMP... she FELL into the pool right next to me. 

My newest best friend and I were dumbfounded.  What just happened? 

The aqua instructor with the floating carseats, managed to get ahold of herself enough to drag her wet towel and partially injured body out of the pool.  As we were trying to decide if she should fill out an accident report, I told her that I remember seeing her at the staff meetings and if she needed my help, I could walk her to the locker room or something.  She took a hard look at my squished head in a bathing cap and my blotchy white face and tried to remember if she could recognize me..  

Finally a light went on in her head..

"you're the one with the big hair, right?"

"yeah.. yeah, that would be me..."

So, there you go.  Even people who do not read my blog and have no idea that I have a "big hair complex" are acknowledging my problem.   Poetic, isn't it?  

I laughed all the way to the locker room and make sure to blow dry my hair upside down just to... uh...seal my identity in her mind of my newest best friends..


Shanna said...

It's amazing what can happen when you open up to people. I'm such an introvert that I try to get through my days not being noticed - not to mention purposely talking to people to draw attention to me. I've been working on being more open/talkative, small talk really doesn't come easy to me.

Congrats on making/meeting new friends.

Anonymous said...

You sound like so much fun! I always wish I could meet new friends so easily... I'm more like Shanna, trying to keep from being noticed most of the time. How do you do it?

Anonymous said...

...And I'm yet another introverted blogger who thinks your easy style is nothing short of super-human. Maybe if you get tired of teaching Pilates, you could develop a series on how to make new best friends everywhere we go.

Shelly said...

When did you decide to dislike swimming? You've been up on waterskis, girlfriend. :) Mind you, I think a boat would rip my arms out about now, but I have pictures! Remember our water baby days? We spents days in the water. Although I admit, the adult baby contraption sounds kinda fun!

Amy said...

Okay, I have to say that this one really did make me laugh. I'm still laughing!