Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tired.. just tired.

I was climbing the steps last night after teaching a class and I crossed Charles coming down the steps.  He flashed a smile, his white teeth gleaming and asked me, "How are you?" in a friendly YMCA employee kind of way..

"tired, man.  just tired.  taught three classes today."

Which made him laugh right out loud.  Why wouldn't it? 

Isn't the customary response, "fine" what everyone says no matter what..???  

No, not me.  I have to be weird like that.  

I really was tired.  I am NOT a yoga teacher.  I've only been to a hand full of yoga classes.  I know it comes from India and all the terms all sound like shub bast ten aa.   I wasn't even going to try to fake it.  I started the class with,

"so, you guys believe in being open minded, right?"  (they all nodded)
"good.  So, let's be open-minded about learning pilates"  

So, I took them on a "journey" alright.  Let's visualize ourselves pretending we're having fun at pilates class.   I'm not sure they bought it, but I tried.  When I taught the "kids yoga" class right before it, they loved it.  The parents were all excited for me to come back.  The adults were.. tolerant of my teaching style. 

And it's about this "relaxation" thing.  I just don't get it.  Maybe I'm too young or something, but what is the point of laying there like a blob for like.. twenty minutes? after class?  It's a hard surface.  It's a public place.  It's late at night.  Shouldn't we all be getting to bed?

So, I stayed on the floor a long time for me (2 minutes) and quietly scooted over to my stuff, trying not to disturb the reverie.  

I had no idea that I supposed to sound a gong or something to wake them up afterwards.  When they woke up, I apologized for disturbing them and confessed that I have never been a good "relaxer".  One wise fella told me "you have adult on-set A.D.D."

I curtly responded, "atleast it's well channeled" 

tired, yes. 

ADD probably.

happy, of course.


Anonymous said...

LOL :)

Charming as always.

Nathanael said...

Yeah, yeah, whatever...Check this out, mom.


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