Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Works for Me:huggermugger

My favorite game has a picture of a frog riding a bicycle on the cover of it.  

It's called: Huggermugger.  Apparently, Huggermugger was not the most popular game of the year because it isn't available in retail stores anymore.  I can find it online or at garage sales occasionally.  

Huggermugger is a word game.  You solve questions about vocabulary, spelling, associations and unscrabling letters. Each correct answer gets you closer to the mystery word, which is revealed letter by letter.  Huggermugger means: word sleuth, which is a good name.  I never have figured out the significance of the frog, though....any ideas?

I'd much rather sit and talk than play games.  But if I have to play a game, this is it. 

Yeah for the frog on the bicycle solving word mysteries!  Weird, but I love it.


Susie said...

What a neat game:-)

Mrs. Frogster said...

We had Hugger Mugger in out game closet when I was younger. I haven't played that game in forever!
and of course I love all things to do with frogs!

na said...

I have never heard of that game! Sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

I haven't ever heard of it either, but it does sound like a good one, and my homeschool mommy "sounds educational" radar is going off, too.

Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said...

Sounds fun. My husband and I love word games.

Unknown said...

We have not heard from it possibly, however it will seem like a great 1, as well as my personal homeschool mother "sounds educational" radar is certainly going away, as well.

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