Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kicking off a new blog design with a giveaway!

Hey everybody!! I am sitting here doing virtual jumping jacks.. can you feel the energy?!!

I love my new blog design. It was and is such a great thing to have a techie-person helping you come to life. I can't speak highly enough of the experience. Thanks, Karen of Simply Amusing Designs. She's a homeschooling nom who manages to help people get blog designs up and running. (this is not a paid advertisement)

So, in order to celebrate the blog revival, I'm having a giveaway.

I would like to give a copy of my favorite organizing book away to someone special.

This book is a fabulous getting-started with organizing book. She really gets into the philosophy of organizing but in a very straight-forward way.

To enter the contest,

1. sign up to be a follower or subscribe to the RSS feeds.


2. tell someone about my blog--either in person or your readers.
3. leave me a comment so I know that you want to be an organizing mommy.

My goal is to truly help others with this blog. I would like the Lord Jesus to be glorified in everything I do.

Getting organized helps everyone. For those who are serving the Lord, we can have a better testimony and engage in hospitality more often.

For those who aren't religious, you too can benefit from organizing--prospering your business and caring for your family better.

Thanks for reading along! Happy organizing.


Ashley said...

I love your new blog look! That lady totally looks like me, except I have 5 kids hanging off of me (hence the need to be organized). I try, oh how I try to be organized. Most days it doesn't happen but I'm working on it and that's the important thing.

Judy J said...

Great new design on your blog! I want to become a more organized mommy so I can be an organized grandmommy!

L2L said...

I like, I like. It was a bit hard coming and not seeing the normal green. Change is hard for me, lol. But there are so many cute little details that I love, like the tape at the end of you posts, and the little to do list with John 3:16 on it. And I was thinking that if we could all work the ball like the mom in your header, there would be no more love handles in Mommy land, lol!!!!! Oh and I'm soooo excited you have a button. I'm off to go add it to my growing collection. Okay I can breath and I think tomorrow I will be okay. It looks great. Speaking of organizing, you'll have to check out my friday post. The Lord has been showing me soooo much and adusting my heart attitude I can't wait to share with everyone, but will have to cause I've got laundry to do, he-he.

Noel said...

Your blog looks great!

Joanna said...

Looks great Mommy!

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

I love your new blog design and I am already a follower!!! Keep up the great work! I'm lovin it!

TheFiveDays said...

It looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

Laura said...

Your site looks amazing! Karen is just awesome isn't she. Love the colors and your artwork, well how talented are you girl!

Very nice!


Anonymous said...

HI I love your new blog design, it just pops right up and looks great. I read your blog daily and love it. .Would love to win this book, thanks for your great tips.

BlueCastle said...

Congratulations! Your blog looks really great! Love the new design.

Unknown said...

Your blog looks great! I'm not a mommy (except to my dog), but I am trying so hard this year to get organized. I look forward to reading this blog regularly!

Denise said...

I just found your blog today, and I'm so happy I did. I love reading how other people get their lives organized - it so inspires me to get busy with my own! Be God's!

Christy said...

I am relatively new to this blogging world. I just discovered your site and I LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing your insights ... I really enjoyed your series on friendship!

Diane said...

Hi I have signed up to your rss feed so I can check your blog everyday now. I told my friend about your blog so hopefully she will join to and learn as much as I do . It looks like a good book I would love to win it . I am going to put a hold on it at my library if they have it.