Sunday, March 8, 2009

One hot grandma

Let's see. It starts like this. About once a month, our little chapel hosts a booth at the local flea market. Some of the other vendors have gotten to know us, even though we aren't there very often. WH and I do the flea market without children, but yesterday I had little Emily with me, since she was feeling a little under the weather. Since "business" was slow, I took her for a little walk. I passed by a familiar vendor and greeted her.

She: "Oh, that's so nice. You brought your grand-daughter with you"
Me: (dumbfounded and speechless for the first time in my life..)
".. yeah.. you mean my daughter"
She: (embarrassed) .."I'm so sorry..." (how do you recover from this?? )

So, I hobbled back to the table and greeted my sweetheart, feeling even more mature than when I started the walk.

He: "How did it go?"
Me: "Did you know I'm a grandmother?"
He: (laughing hysterically).. as I retold the story
He: "Well, that's one hot grandma, then"
Me: "And don't you forget it!"

So, this is what it feels like to be.. 40???

I feel like I've passed a milestone.. like.. finding my first grey hair.. or passing gas while laughing.. or just getting a subscription for the AARP. Pass the geritol. Where's my ensure? And can I have my long-care insurance updated while we're at this?



Anonymous said...

Your DH has class. What a great response. This is kind of like the time I answered the phone, and the caller asked me if my mother was home. I informed her that I WAS the lady of the house. It went downhill from there. I guess we just have to buck up and not demand too much respect.

Anonymous said...

How funny. I've had the opposite happen. I was on a tour with my mom last year and several people commented to her about her granddaughter (me). least it was for me (not so much for mom). Fourty isn't so bad...I've had the flatulence with laughter since I was 25.

Paula C.

Becky said...

How funny!! I am 30 and have had 2 c-sections which have inevitably left a huge baby bulge in front. My "baby" is pushing 3, and I'm not expecting. I have been asked more than 5 times this year if I am expecting, and once was when my DH was with me. My husband was doing some work for an elderly lady(60 something) and she asked me when the baby was due. I (being used to the fact that yes, I look pregnant, and being the type of person that laughs at myself along with everyone else) I laughed and said " no, but I get that alot" She laughed and said" That's okay honey, I have people asking me the same thing all the time too!" UMMM...yeah, thanks for the pick me up....