Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday--putting laundry away

I just want you to know how disorganized an organizing mommy can get if she gets off her schedule!! Thursdays are special. Thursdays are sanctified laundry days around here. If, for any reason, Thursdays get thrown off with other responsibilities, laundry goes berserk.

So, here we are on Monday, and I have a mountain of laundry, plus three other loads that need to be done.

What is an organizing mommy to do?

Well, I know what she's NOT going to do: ignore it for one more day.. especially since she's out of underthingys, AND there is no path to the bathroom.

First things first.. Set the timer.

I force myself to work undistracted, without taking a break for atleast 37 minutes, preferably more.

Separate the clean from the dirty. All the dirty goes in the laundry room, and all the clean goes up on the bed.

Start the next load in the washer.

In the meantime, start sorting the clean into piles.

My piles are based on where they go when they are folded. Sort BEFORE folding.

Once all of the clean stuff is in piles, I just work around the room. After a pile is folded, I immediately put it away. If I have to take a break, none of my folding gets undone.

So, finally at 11:20 last night, all the laundry was folded and put away. We have sick kids also, so it was a huge accomplishment. And I'm seriously thinking of changing my sanctified laundry day to Monday, instead of Thursday. I have officially decided to drop my Monday pilates class so I can be home more. Now, if I can keep from filling the slot with something else! Is there help for people like me??? perpetually overcommitted, overachievers club?


Tim, Allyson, and kids said...

I love your idea of sorting before you fold. I normally fold first and inevitable something gets "refolded" by our daughter while I sort. I'm going to try your method. With a potty training toddler and a cloth diapered baby I do laundry almost every day. I find it's better for me to do a load a day than 4 or 5 loads once a week.

L2L said...

I feel your pain!!!!! We are waiting for maintance to come fix our washer and Tuesday is our laundry day, ugh. I just thankful that the weather is starting to get nice so when the boys run out of sock I just tell them, go put on some sandals. Don't think that would work for undies though, lol

Jena Webber said...

Hey L2L,

Can you help me find your blog. I just want to thank you for being such a faithful follower/ commenter! Blessings to you both!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your new layout is here! I love how your drawing came to life. So great!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has mountainous laundry. I try to do what your first commenter said she does: laundry every day. But that means that I only have enough time in my daily schedule for about one load. Then what happens if I get thrown off by something special (or by a "special" catastrophe, requiring extra washing)? Then I'm out of underthingys, too, or my poor DH is trying to get dressed for work and staring at his closet saying, "Um, do I have any pants?"

Tami said...

I've never thought of sorting first. That's a good idea. I'll sort and then hand the piles off to whichever kid it belongs to. I can't wait til they're old enough to do their laundry from wash to finish!

MomsAgainstBullying said...

My laundry, er.., my family room couch to be honest, always looks like this!!! There is no hope for me. I've tried it all. Now, that my husband got laid off in December, I have to juggle mountains of laundry, kids, homework, school volunteering, caring for elderly parents, sports teams, and job hunting!

I'll give the sorting a try. Thanks for the tip and happy laundry surfing!! :D

Tammy said...

I actually like to do a load every morning, fold it as quickly as possible, and get it put away! I have the day divided into 3 sections:

AM: Bedrooms, bathrooms, and LAUNDRY

MID DAY: Living areas

PM: Kitchen

Week-ends are the back porch and basement. And each week I pick a room/area to spend 15 min. a day organizing. (A lot gets accomplished in 15 minutes, X 7!)