Friday, April 17, 2009

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore..

We arrived home from our big and awesome day at the Robotics competition and the Georgia Aquarium.  Our team, 2039 did fair, but the big championship is tomorrow, if you want to watch the live stream on the website:  

When we got to our hotel, everybody trudged in and headed up to the room.  I stopped into the bar for refill on my big water bottle.  They know me by now.  I show up several times a day for a refill.  

As I was standing there, I couldn't help but notice two elderly woman chatting over a cocktail.  In a strange sort of way, I thought, how nice that these two ladies have met here for a nice time out.  I can picture my grandma Jo enjoying one of her friends in the same way a few years back.  
But there was something odd about one of the ladies, and I couldn't quite figure it out.  For one, she had an unusually large abdomen, and for two, her upper half seemed sort of protruding and yet hangy at the same time.  The pilates teacher in me said, "she needs a good reformer.. or atleast a senior strength and stretch"  

But then I caught myself volleying between gawking and  general people watching, while I was waiting for my water.  I got my water and noticed there were two other ladies sitting on the couch in the lobby.  I recognized them as robotics moms, so I stopped to chat.  

Just then two other ladies walked in.  They were not quite as lumpy bumpy as the former two in the bar, but they had sort of a squarish quality to them.  Finally I had to say something because that's just the way I am.

Me: "I don't mean to sound critical, but those ladies look kind of unusual."

"Yeah.  except they're not ladies."

Me: "What? You mean none of those lumpy bumpy ladies are really ladies? Are they.. having a convention... here?  at this hotel?  right now?"

"It appears so.. Toto, you are NOT in Kansas anymore."

"Wait a minute! I need to get some tea."  

So, I popped back into the bar,  real natural like.. and asked for some hot tea.  Sure enough, all of Grandma Jo's friends had deep voices and thick fingers.  Some even had slight traces of facial hair.  Forget the bumps.  I think they had more than that under those dresses.  

So, I rush out with my tea and meet the robotics moms in the lounge.  

You're right.  I clicked my red shoes together and zoomed up to my room.  

Wish I had a camera. 


Erin said...

I was born and raised in So Cal and I know EXACTLY what you mean! I started laughing as I read your post...been there, done that! Glad you're having fun...just don't chat up with ladies who get a five o'clock shadow!

kathy said...

laughing - this happened to us last year at a hotel - a huge convention in Denver - 100's of these ladies and man their dresses were awesome! thanks for the lego link - my boys will be very interested

Anonymous said...
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