Sunday, April 12, 2009

Up and away to Atlanta!

I won't be posting a menu this week, since I won't be cooking much.  We will be going on a little family trip to Atlanta, GA this week for the World Championship of First Robotics.  

The picture below is the "drive team"

left (Adam, a mentor), Jamie (our son), Shawn, and Joe.

Our daughter Joanna is also on the team.  She's the one with the really long hair in the photo below.  

If you would like to read the article that came out in the Rockford Register Star it is here

You've probably noticed that I've stopped calling Jamie "Robotdude" and Joanna "Jo-snazz" because they don't seem to like the nicknames anymore.  I guess if your kids are old enough to be featured in the paper with their full names and pictures, it's probably safe to say that they are old enough to put their first names in their mother's boring blog.  Duh...  

I look forward to traveling to a warmer climate also.  Emily has had her bag packed for several days to quell her "pre-trip anxiety" that we both seem to get.  We have her little outfit laid out, complete with shoes, socks and underwear.  She has her pink "car bag" all filled with her favorite things.  She has no idea where or what Atlanta is except that she is soooooooo excited to go there... typical.  Is she my daughter or what?  

This afternoon I decided to do some "basement sewing".  It's a new hobby of mine, I think.  It's where you go down into the abyss of jumbled up fabric and supplies in the basement and you make something from what is already there.  I can't wait to show you what the project is.  Right now, my mother is helping me repair my basement sewing efforts, since there's a lot of creativity involved.. read (unconventional techniques).  

Oh, and I did almost finish the ULTIMATE gym bag on my Lake Geneva trip.  I'm not quite ready to sign a contract with NIKE yet, but I'll keep you posted. LOL.  


nbalike said...
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Mrs. Parunak said...

Have a wonderful time! Enjoy all that warm weather!