Monday, May 11, 2009

The essence of discipline and MPM

The essence of discipline..

I guess I'm in one of those high-brow thought modes, since I've been thinking about this for a day or so.. ruminating... as I till my garden.  (Yes, I ruminate--like a cow--when I'm outdoors in the garden).  I have no idea how many vegetables will garnish my table this fall, but I will probably end up solving all of the world's problems this summer out in the weed patch.. I mean haven of well cultivated soil and seedlings.  LOL!

So, with all that ramble... I am thinking about discipline, self-control, and developing good work habits.  I know we ALL struggle with this.  The reason I know this is because of the sin nature.  It just does not look the same in everyone.  

When you see a person out jogging, do you think: now that's discipline!  I wish I could have that type of discipline?  

Well, if you think about it, that jogger may just be out there because he enjoys it.  In fact, most runners LOVE it.  They claim to get a "high" from running.  So, in reality, are they really being disciplined at that moment?  Maybe. maybe not.  Maybe they are just doing what they love to do.  In fact, they might be running and enjoying it just to avoid the pain of eating healthy. Maybe they are running when they should be at home paying bills.  (nothing against runners--I'm trying to learn to do it)

And then we see a VERY large person who is taking a brisk walk.  Do we think: what an undisciplined slob? If we do, we are NOT thinking clearly.  Here's why.  The large person who is taking a walk--especially a moderately paced walk-- is fighting uphill in his mind and body to get out there and do it.  At the moment (at least) he or she is at the very height of discipline because they are forcing themselves to do exactly what 1. they should do 2. when they do not want to do it.  

You see, there is the key. When at any moment you are actually doing what you should be doing (whether it is eating, working, sleeping, writing, cooking, working out, etc.) when you should be doing it, it is discipline.  The degree to which you are enjoying yourself is somewhat arbitrary in relation to discipline.  We have become a lazy and unhappy culture for that reason.  

When you start doing what you are supposed to be doing, regardless of how you feel about it, you choose the longer rewards and thereby gaining happiness in the process.   And then, guess what?  There's hardly anything left that you don't want to do anymore, since you've chosen to be happy about everything.  Simple? yes. Easy? of course not.   Then, if you do find something you do not want to do, blitz  it. That's right.  Just do it faster.  Even if it is a completely awful thing in your mind, doing it faster will make two things happen.  

1) You will have the satisfaction of actually accomplishing it--or at least most of it.
2) Even if you hate every minute of the task, your adrenaline will be up and going by moving faster through it.  Adrenaline working is good.  You'll receive the added endorphins from a brisk work session--even doing something you hate.  

If you want to join us for a blitz on Friday, I'd be thrilled beyond belief.  

This week's menu is:
Monday: Roasted Pork Loin and Smashed Fingerlings, green tossed salad
Tuesday: Tortellini and marinara sauce, salad
Wednesday: Beans and rice
Thursday: chicken pot pie
Friday: Shopping day--new menu starts..  and 
Sunday: (Indian food: butter chicken, my version) 
for more menus, organizing junkie's MPM.


Lara said...

How about when you are doing something you should do even when you don't want to do it but you are doing it just to get out of doing something you don't want to do even more? If you can understand that then let me know if you think that is discipline because that is what I have been doing all day. Until I sat down to take a break and read email that is. Another thing on my never ending to do list.

Jena Webber said...

I can tell you have high brow thoughts just like I do.

BlueCastle said...

I like your high brow thoughts. Thank you for sharing them. You're right on.

Ruby said...

Yes, I appreciate the high brow thoughts, but girl, I just love the weeks menu!

Jena Webber said...


I always think I need to add a little something with the menu.. all you want is the food, eh?

Sarah, you know we have to have a serious thought once in a while, don't we? All the pink and green fun and making fun of this and that.. Oh, I just have to prove to myself that I have serious thoughts.

Mrs. Parunak said...

I think you've got something there. I always enjoy your highbrow thoughts.