Monday, May 25, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday: the garden and going green update

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
We had beautiful weather here this Memorial Day, and it was a great time to do a little outside work, as well as some fun.  This week I got the seeds in the ground, and I am doing a HUGE garden.  So, we need to fend off the critters with... chicken wire!!

My dear sweetheart set up a work crew and the kids got the chicken wire around the back fence that keeps the cows out of our yard (some of the time) and separates our neighbors property from ours!

They also put up a compost bin!  Yeah, I am an Official organic gardener now that I have a compost bin!!
Well, let's not get too organic.. I still appreciate the weed trimmer.  Thanks, sweetie.
You really "gave 'er" as they say up north.

Oh, be still my heart!!  My little seeds are coming up!!
Yes, yummy lettuce.  That is why the whole thing needs a chicken wire fence!

Speaking of gardening, I think I am a watering fanatic.  Every day I'm out there watering like a mad woman.  Well! We haven't had rain, what is a girl to do?  I'm too insecure NOT to let these things come up.  My whole self esteem rests on this, you know!!  (Why do I have to be so type A about EVERYTHING???)   Do you ever get exhausted from just being with yourself?  Well, I do.  
Hardly a day goes by and I'm not teased, really teased by my teenagers about all of this "going green fanaticism" I think I have accomplished everything on my list.

This was my original list...

1. I'd like to find out where you can drop-off recyclables in the Rockford area.
found it--Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful/ Open on Saturdays only 9-12
2. I need to set up a schedule of when and how often I plan to go.
once a month!  
3. I need to set up a system in my garage for collecting things that is user-friendly.
Done!  I cleaned the garage and set up containers.

Other things I'd like to do:

1. Make some cloth napkins and use those regularly.
Not yet, this will be fun!
2. Use and bring my own cloth shopping bags to the grocery store.
Did it! Although I often forget them in the car!!  So, were about 50/50 with this.
3. Bring a pyrex container in my purse when I go to restaurants, so I don't need to use styrofoam for leftovers.  
Haven't been out to eat yet!
4. Make my husband lunch, so he doesn't need to eat out as much.
Sometimes I make it; other times he does.
5. Join freecycle and list a few items.
yes, I have given away five items already
6. Read about composting--not sure how to do this and if it is feasible.
I not only read about it; I have a bin already!
7. List things on Craig's list before they get too old.
I sold one thing on ebay.  The rest I am giving away.


Oh, and I didn't get this motivation from some sort of internal force. Keeper of the Home wrote a great ebook called: Healthy Homemaking.  So, I think I'm on my second chapter now.  If I have a gardening update, it will be on tackle it tuesday each week.


momstheword said...

Awwww, baby lettuce! How awesome!

My hubby kids me about jumping into a project and "obsessing" on it. He calls it my "latest kick" because when I get on one, I read tons of stuff about whatever I'm interested in, lol!

I am still not ready to tackle things around here. Hubby still cooking and doing the dishes.

I keep saying maybe tomorrow I'll start to feel better. It's bound to come eventually!

Aisling said...

We have a tiny yard so our veg garden is only 4 feet by 6 feet, but with square foot gardening we'll get a fair bit out of it!
I wanted chicken wire for a project in our garden, but it's so expensive round here, I had to come up with something else.

Dominique said... your garden. There are so many things to tackle in my house this week. Hope I have the energy to finish all.

B said...

Great tackle.

Gardens are a lot of work but so worth it!

Danielle said...

Your garden looks great! Our garden was suppose to go in yesterday but my husband procrastinated it again! I can't do it because my allergies get to bad! I am looking forward to the great food out the garden. Check out my Tackle It Tuesday here.

mamajuliana said...

I am doing container gardening this year! I tackled my planting ( for the most part) yesterday afternoon.

....on to read about you link about Healthy Homemaking!

Renee said...

I love your gardening and your going green list. For when you forget your reusable bags, you should check to see if your grocery store takes back the bags, ours have bins and they recycle them.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Looks great! We've got our chicken wire about half-way up. (Hehe. It doesn't actually start working until it's all the way up, but we have a three week old, so I'd say this is a good start.)

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you for wanting that garden to grow. It saves money on the grocery bill. Not to mention alot of work.
I was watching mine grow on Sunday.

L2L said...

well i've been so busy around here I haven't had much time to even breath. As I am taking a breath I decided to visit with ya, just have to say that the pic, your hubby???? I thought it was clint eastwood for a sec, lol.