Thursday, June 4, 2009


Since the regular blitzing linkup is.. well.. going somewhat slowly.. we're going to shake up the blitz a little bit. If you still want to report on your regular blitzing, you are welcome to do that also. I am so impressed that Contemplative Mom and Eos Mom are so faithful to this!

It seems like everyone wants to tackle big projects this summer. Big projects seem to define summer for some people. I mean.. what is summer without.. getting something big done??

So, what I thought would be really, I mean really fun is walking through our big projects together. What do you say?? It's like your basic online support group.

So, here's how we start, we make a plan. We make a big plan! So, for this week's blitz-big project, you just make up a plan.

Like this: it's easy.



My biggest eye-sore cluttery big project is my massive pile of 18 years worth of photographs and stuff.

1) One hour each day sort through photos: (a blitz of sorts)
2) Get my kids to scan the good pictures in
3) Get rid of the bad ones
4) Arrange some sort of scrapbooking endeavor that won't put my over the top

Start date: June 4, Hoping to finish by: August 4 or sooner

I would take a picture of my mess, but I think I'll leave it to your imagination. Imagine 4 huge boxes, crammed the gills with photos. Pathetic, I know.

All right then, can you do this with me?

Just identify a project, thow a list together and link up.. or link a list together and throw up... I mean....



Ruby said...

Looking at my photos and scrapbooking stuff is enough to make me throw up!
Of course it's not Summer here, and we don't have a long holiday break, but I will try to put up a plan I was drawing up using half hour stretches, to clean up this very area.
I'll get back to you.

Eos Mom said...

Great idea, I'm in! My house is brimming with projects.

Krista said...

I think that my big project needs to be "make a list of all the big projects that need to be done." LOL. I hope to participate in this big blitz!

An idea that someone inadvertently gave me last weekend about photographs just blew my mind. I'd love to pass it along to you, since I am a fellow "hate to scrapbooker." :)

He gave the idea to pick however many photographs were really great for a period of time (year, month, season, whatever) and make a "photo book" out of them. You know, at Walgreens, or Snapfish, or some place like that. It reads like a book but it's really just a bunch of pictures that you can type captions to. Stylish, compact, and pictures are out of your hair. :) I can't wait to do mine...I hope to do it by year.

Christy said...

I love the project idea. I need to give it some thought to pick one!

Mrs. Parunak said...

My big summer project is getting our yard looking like civilized people live in our house. I have two hours a day scheduled for this. Now if I could just get up early enough to actually work during the scheduled times...

Christy said...

You can delete one of my first two entries... my browser crashed after I hit the enter button and my name didn't show up when I opened you post again. so I tried again. Obviously it worked the first time.

I'm excited about blitzing some projects this summer. This is exactly what I have been wanting to do ... I just needed a good kick to get started. Thanks for being the catalyst.

Ruby said...

It's Friday over here and I've posted about my Big Project which started on Monday and linked to your post. So far so good!