Thursday, June 11, 2009


Last week, I was encouraging all of you to start a big project this summer. If you missed out, don't worry, you can start when you are ready! Each week, we can report on how we are doing on our big projects or just report on your weekly blitz.

So, I took one of the big boxes from the dungeon that was chock full of photos. I had to get a few before pictures, but we left our camera at a graduation party over the weekend, so these strange photos are from the computer cam. Pardon the weird lighting.

Emily likes looking at photos of her sibs when they were four years old.

So, how did it go?

I must admit that this project is probably LAST on my favorite project list. But it really needs to get done. The only way this motivation to finish this project will stay alive is with the embarrassment of having nothing to report on for this blog. (pathetic, I know)

So, how DID it go?

O.K. it went well. I took the box out and did about 4 one-hour sessions.
I just went through and sorted the pictures, looking for the best of the best. If the picture was blurry, weird, or made me feel strange, I tossed it. If the picture reminded me of a bad memory, I tossed it. Needless to say, a small fraction of the box remained.

What am I doing with those remaining pictures?

I have asked Jamie to help me scan them into the computer. I'm not planning to do any paper scrapbooking. I will just enjoy them digitally for now. I have seen some nice options for digital scrapbooking, but that is not a part of the summer project.

So, I have about 5 boxes down there. I'm not exactly sure because I'm in a state of denial, and I'm only committing to sort one box a week for now. Not to mention, my scanner dude will get overwhelmed if I go faster than that.

Would you like to do a regular blitz? Are you new here??? Start here:

Basically, blitzing is forcing ourselves to focus for a set period of time on hands-on tasks.
Read about the: one hour blitz and staying focused.
Also, blitzing with kids is a blast if you are an airchair general.

So, you can add the regular blitz or the new tornado for a big project. Thanks Mr. Rusk for the awesome tornado. I know you and your crew are just blitzing your hearts out in North Dakota. -----------------------------------


Mrs. Parunak said...

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that one of my friends from church checked my blog, and saw my link to your blitzing info, and loved it.

Hey, a while ago you were thinking about an exercise book. Maybe you should write a blitzing book instead? I know you said the link ups were slow, but I think WAY more people are using your great idea than are blogging about it (me, for example).

L2L said...

alright, going to take the bait. I'll be back next week to show progress of my BIG summer project. I'ld link up but I wrote about my big summer project for Company Girl post and I remember one of your rules was no double posting right???? Seems like I fixed what ever was wrong with my connection. Every time I tried to access your blog my IE would shut down on me, which is why I haven't been around in awhile!!!!! (linking to my name the post I'm talking about)

Jena Webber said...

Oops what's up with the double Mr. Linky? I need to fix that. Oh, you can double link/post or whatever you call it. In other words, why do the work twice? Sorry if you were having difficulty!

momstheword said...

Summer is such a great time to get organized isn't it? I still need to organize my picture one of these days, but it will have to wait for now!

Christy said...

You made incredible progress on your pictures. I like your idea of only keeping the best pictures -- I'm going to employ that tactic if I ever get to it.