Thursday, June 25, 2009


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This week you can link up a regular blitz and/or a big project edition. Because we had company, I was not able to work on my big project, but I did get a one hour blitz in.

Time to blitz-it again!! Some of you are working on just getting motivated for daily chores. Others are adding a big project too. Go ahead and link up either or both!

Daily blitz for the Organizing Mommy: Today I woke up feeling the heat and overwhelmingness that comes from leaving your house looking like a tornado, with groceries still out from the shopping trip yesterday. So, I gathered up the three boys (Hud, Than, and their friend, Josiah) and Emily. The work crew and I were able to get the kitchen, living room, and hall cleaned up in less than an hour. We did a blitzing with kids attack, which worked just fine for today.

1. Josiah and Nathanael unloaded the dishwasher and put away clean dishes.
2. Hud reloaded and ran the dishwasher.
3. Josiah and Nathanael got the leaf out of the table, wiped it down, swept and mopped the kitchen floor.
4. Hud emptied a cluttered cupboard and wiped it clean.
5. Emily emptied her piggy bank and refilled it.
6. Emily put her paper scraps in her drawer.
7. Mommy put groceries away, folded up recyclable bags, cleaned off the top of the fridge, and cleaned out messy cupboard, returning items to their assigned locations.
8. Nathanael and Josiah cleared G.I. Joes out of the livingroom and vaccuumed.
9. Mommy handwashed.
10. Hud put away handwashed dishes.
11. Josiah and Nathanael peeled potatoes for dinner.
12. Josiah took out trash and replaced bags.
13. (16 minutes left) Nathanael and Josiah left to play
14. Hud played his cello, and Mommy had a cup of coffee.
15. Mommy re-vacuumed and straightened up front entry, dumped out coffee and changed the laundry load.

So, even though two of my primary workers (Jamie and Joanna) are up visiting friends in WI, we were able to gather up the forces of the mighty trio. It's neat to see what I used to call "the little boys" getting up the energy to work hard when it is expected of them. Hud is already 5'9" and just turned 13. He doesn't appear to be anywhere near done growing. As I type this, the three boys and the sister are having a before-bed snack of a few bowls of cereal. This was after a huge grilled chicken dinner complete with mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and asparagus!! I can't complain about how much they eat, since they are good boys who have spent a good hour of their time entertaining their little sister acting out a funny story with all of her many care bears! Gotta love it.

After the house was almost completely clean, they had plenty of time to play, and I could take a rest--which was great when it was 97! today. Yes, we do have air conditioning. If we didn't, I'd check myself into a hotel or a local asylum, which ever would take me. I feel like I'm dying in the heat, especially a hot, humid heat. My garden, on the other hand, loves it. After the temp went down to about 80, I spent an hour weeding out there. Wow! Everything is up. Weeds, plants, flowers, things I didn't plant and everything else is UP! So, I cleared out a pile of stuff. When my photographer is back in town, those of you who are gardening "vicariously" through this blog, can have a little peek.

Can't wait to see what you've been doing!



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My big project is going to have to go without pictures this week, but I am still going through my big pile of photographs.


Ruby said...

Thanks! I'm really happy with that one little room which holds an amazing amount of STUFF!
I hope all the Blitzers have achieved what they planned so far.

Christy said...

Wow. Your kids did great ... as did you!
Can't wait to see how your garden is enjoying the hot weather.

L2L said...

hey, could you send me an email, I'm having the hardest time getting your blog to come up, hoping you could help me figure out what is going on. thanks (I've been trying all week to get on your blog and this is the first time I was successful!!!

L2L said...

hey, me again. turned my laptop over to a trusted friend, hoping to have it back in working condition tomorrow!!!! 5'9" at 13 wow, I'm 32 and 5'8, crazy!!!!!!!

Ruby said...

OOps, just came back to check out who else blitzed last veek and somehow I got linked multiple times....sorry girls!

Eos Mom said...

Sorry I didn't manage to blitz last week, I'm hoping to be back at it this week.

Mindy said...

My girls are at Bible camp serving the Lord. I got the traditional call from someone "in the neighborhood and on their way." I was elbow deep in gardening. The house was messy. I hadn't even thought about lunch. I offered the 12 year old neighbor girl, who was innocently playing in my backyard, to come to lunch, then graciously asked her to earn it. Then I jumped in the shower while she blitzed the house with my two kids. You woulda' been proud of me... I think. You gotta have good neighbors to pull a stunt like that, but it worked, we were ready by the time they got there 10 minutes later. We had a great visit and spent time with a young couple we wouldn't have be able to had we have been the "make an appointment" kinda' people.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Oh, it's so charming that your boys made their sister a care bear story! They're going to be wonderful daddies some day.